What chicory choose?

What chicory choose?
You will need:
  • Chicory
  • Some knowledge
  • Leisure
# 1

Chicory can be used as a coffee beverage that does not contain caffeine.Very often, these plants complement the taste of regular coffee.Coffee with chicory is a mixture of regular coffee beans and dried and crushed roots of chicory certain varieties.The taste of coffee becomes saturated, bitter, closest to the taste may be some of the very dark roasting coffee beans.

# 2

This mixture may have some health benefits of drinking coffee, because it has a low content of caffeine.Many people wonder how to choose the right chicory.And it is not in vain, lead digging chicory can be in clean areas.Although this plant and is found along roadsides, in such places can not be collected.It is better to give preference to the bushes that are growing or on the field or on the lawn, away from the roadway.

# 3

addition to the roots and leaves can be harvested.Some kitchens their use in food, as well as the use as medicaments.Young, fresh leaves

collected from chicory plants growing in the garden, can be an excellent complement to green salads.If you do not know how to pick chicory, it is better to collect leaves from the bush outwardly healthy, without any damage.

# 4

on the plant should not be pests.Mixing coffee and chicory create a drink that provides a robust coffee flavor, but with a lower level of caffeine.Many people find this mixture of useful replacement for a full-fledged coffee strength for people who want to limit caffeine intake.Most people, however, consume coffee with chicory for a fuller taste, and not for its health benefits.

# 5

Chicory is one of the richest sources of vitamin A, which is very good for the eyes.In addition to the juices of carrot, celery and parsley, chicory juice makes it a very nutritious food for the optic nerve and muscular system.It can give amazing results in correcting eye defects.

# 6

is therefore not surprising that the question of how to choose the chicory, is highly relevant.It is possible to give preference to the finished soluble chicory or purchase powder, which requires infusion.The people living in the city, do not always have an opportunity to prepare chicory roots, but for the villagers is an easily accessible way that would winter evenings to drink flavored drink.