How to drink instant chicory ?

How to drink instant chicory ?
You will need:
  • Chicory
  • Water
  • Crockery
# 1

chicory is grown in many parts of the world.The roots of this plant are used for different purposes.Currently available chicory syrup or concentrate in the form of dry crystals, such as instant coffee.It is very convenient as it is required to prepare a dry mixture pour hot water.

# 2

Some people use the roots for beer production, while others use it as an additive to coffee to make chicory coffee.Chicory is one of the most popular herbal teas, which are very easy to prepare.Many people wonder when to drink chicory for the treatment and strengthen the body.

# 3

Some people soak the roots overnight and then use this water for tea chicory.You can prepare an infusion of forty grams of root per liter of water.The resulting infusion is consumed within three days.Regular consumption of chicory tea is recommended for those who suffer from gallstones and those who have problems in the spleen.

# 4

Chicory contains a significant amount of

vitamin C and many other nutrients.Studies show that it is a very rich source of inulin, a polysaccharide, which is one of the natural vegetable fiber.Inulin is used as an alternative to sugar, and is used for diabetics.

# 5

It can be helpful in lowering high blood sugar levels.In addition, inulin is widely used as a dietary fiber and therefore can aid digestion.If you are puzzled question, how to drink instant chicory, everything is simple.

# 6

instant drink can be used instead of coffee in the usual mode.That is, two or three cups of this drink will benefit your body.As for the taste, it's not quite real coffee.Nevertheless, the taste is very close.The drink has a characteristic "bitterness" like coffee, but also a time to the taste of chicory is soft and nutty.

# 7

can not find the exact way to drink chicory.Many people chicory mixed with other healthy ingredients such as barley, rice, etc., which give a new flavor beverage.It is possible to add a little instant chicory cow or goat milk, sweetened with honey or sugar.There are many options.

# 8

This healthy drink is useful for diabetics and for those who are in need of calming nerves.Although this plant people use for a very long time, very little research has been done on its effectiveness in the treatment of diseases.Therefore it is better to consult a doctor before using chicory to treat the disease.