How to wash your hair rye bread ?

How to wash your hair rye bread ?
You will need:
  • Rye
  • chamomile, plantain and nettle
  • Olive oil
  • Towel
  • Shower cap
# 1

From time immemorial Russian beauty had plush and thickhair.Most likely, this is not without its popular recipes for hair care.One of those recipes that make your hair silky and thick, is a recipe for shampooing black bread.First we need to make a mixture that you will use.

# 2

you need a loaf of fresh rye bread, with which it will be necessary to cut all peel.fingers remaining crumb crumble in a prepared bowl.Then boil the water (about 1 liter) to fill in the pieces of bread.Toss them so as to obtain a homogeneous mass, then cover with gauze, to the mixture to insist 60 minutes.

# 3

Further many are wondering how to wash a head of black bread.Take the resulting mixture and apply it on the hair, making it desirable to gentle movements of the fingertips.Leave this mask on the hair for at least 10 minutes to get from it the maximum effect.Next, put a shower cap on your hair and wrap them with a

towel.After 10 minutes pass, rinse hair with warm water.

# 4

This recipe is great for oily hair, and also helps and weakened hair.Black bread activates faster hair growth, making them bulky and shiny.Such as bread contains vitamins B1, B6 and B9, vitamin E and minerals (magnesium, phosphorus and potassium), all these elements strengthen the hair structure.The mask is made difficult for the head, you should still know how to wash my hair rye bread.

# 5

is advisable to thoroughly wash your head.The best way is the procedure of washing under running water, so all the particles of bread washed effortlessly.Enhance the effect of the mask can be dried by the addition of plants.Instead of boiling water is necessary to make a decoction of chamomile, plantain and nettle, all these herbs are beneficial to the skin and the hair itself.

# 6

you need to take on a small spoon of each plant and fill them with boiling water, then leave to infuse for at least 60 minutes.Next, mix the broth and bread and do the exact same procedure.By doing this procedure every 2 weeks, in a month you will see how your hair become soft, voluminous and shiny!