The Rh negative factor in the mother : what can be complications ?

The Rh negative factor in the mother : what can be complications ?
You will need:
  • blood test
  • Control
# 1

Everyone knows that there is such a thing as Reza factor.In principle, it is necessary for him to remember the women during pregnancy or planning such.The fact is that if a Rh positive indicator, then no reason to worry.If it is negative in the mother and father in the future - yes, during the course of pregnancy complications can arise.

# 2

The fact is that a woman's body begins to produce antibodies because it will react to the child as a foreign element.Rh-negative - the signal for doctors and Future of the mother.They should control the level of antibodies in the blood.As a rule, increased their level observed in the second and third trimester.In this case, carry out the so-called prevention of Rh-conflict.

# 3

For this 29 week or longer after delivery enter special drug that binds the antibody and does not allow them to have adverse effects on the baby.This medicine shows: In case of bleeding during pregnancy.It also becomes necessary

when the uterus closed with stitches during the entire period of gestation.

# 4

This drug is also administered within 72 hours after ectopic pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage or blood transfusion.There are cases of platelet transfusions or placental abruption, and the presence of injuries pregnant, which also requires drug administration.Rh negative mother's antibodies may provoke and before pregnancy.This can happen if there are pre-pregnancy.

# 5

Moreover, it is irrelevant whether it ended in abortion or miscarriage.It is very important to pay attention to the fact that in the case of blood transfusions for people with Rh negative blood should be transfused only with the same index.Violation of this rule can also cause the production of antibodies.It is important to monitor the performance of antibodies during pregnancy.If they grow, followed for 72 hours to introduce the desired drug to block negative effects.But such a procedure may appoint a doctor.