How to plan a child's sex and a baby girl ?

How to plan a child
You will need:
  • dates of birth of spouses
  • Initiative wife before intercourse
  • perfume smell in the room at the time of conception
  • certain diet
  • method MicroSort
# 1

Theremany couples who dream of a child for years, but none of their efforts in this regard does not bring any results.It seems to be a medical point of view they have to do there is no obstruction, but the baby does not appear in the family.Such people will be glad to any child, which will send them to the heavens, and it will not matter, it's a boy or a girl - the main thing that health was all right.However, not all are set in such a way.A lot of people would like to receive addition to the family is strictly a particular sex.And they do not always want that boy - the future heir and defender.Some parents with the same fervor tend to "get" a little lady.

# 2

Probably, such people were engaged for many centuries and millennia invention "reliable" method of conception of the future man or woman (however, in past centu

ries, the first option was, as a rule, more relevant, especially for the higher nobility).Many of these developments are considered to be relevant and to this day - despite the extremely low reliability.That would help in the birth of a baby of a particular sex, in many cases, seem to modern people of this savagery.For example, before sexual intercourse, during which was supposed to conceive a boy, the husband over his wife abruptly swung the saber or sword (in how many cases it has happened that a heart attack, history is silent).

# 3

Some peoples believed that how to plan gender of the baby, help the weather.So, it was believed that in the cold or in the rain easiest to conceive girls.(If you follow this logic, then in Chukotka or in northern Canada should be produced only the fair sex - as well as in the UK or in one of the Hawaiian islands, where there is no shortage in the sediments).However, in the twentieth century were born many such myths.For example, if the couple dream of a little helper more than the heir, before sexual intercourse, after which assumed the offensive desired pregnancy should decorate the room, where all will be in pink and tight "batten down" the doors and windows.

# 4

is also believed that the implementation of such an intention will fumigation "love bed" perfumes and other fragrant incense.Excluded men initiative - ostensibly woman should "rape" of her husband.Surprisingly, despite the unproven efficacy and absurdity of such methods, a lot of people believe in them - as in the pseudo-scientific theory of blood renewal.According to her, for women this vital fluid in the body is replaced every three years and for men at least - every forty-eight months.And do not count on the birth, and from the event, which took place at the time of the greatest blood loss: blood donation, surgery, childbirth, etc. It is believed that whose blood in the moment of conception "newer", sex and have a baby...

# 5

This method is from a biological point of view does not hold water.Any expert in the field of medicine says that the life span of red blood cells - on the strength of four to five months, after which they are replaced by others.So efficiency "blood" method - no more than fifty one percent.That is, even those who are unaware of this method, have equal chances to people who just follow him.Some are trying to conceive a female child, observing a certain diet (it is believed that it must adhere to both spouses).That all happened, they lean on foods containing a lot of calcium: eggs, dairy products, as well as beets, nuts, onions, eggplant, apples and honey.

# 6

However, there are other methods, how to plan a girl with more scientific studies.Some of them are based on the difference between the male and female germ cells.Generally, the medieval theory that the birth of a child of a particular sex is guilty woman has long denied.It is known that the egg has only the X chromosome and the spermatozoa are only two types - "X's" and "igrekovye".Accordingly, conceiving a boy or a girl depends only on which of the "tailed" before the other had time to get to the goal.If the carrier of the X chromosome, then the couple be heir if, on the contrary - it is born heir.

# 7

When it comes favorable time for a particular outcome, determined by the closeness of sexual intercourse at the time of ovulation.The fact that "igrekovye" (male) sperm are more nimble, but they are also the most short-lived."X's" moving toward the egg is much slower, but also live much longer.So those who wish to give birth to a girl, you should make love a few days before ovulation.However, a very beautiful theory of broken pieces of the practice.Not all women's cycle accurate as a Swiss watch.And there comes the time of ovulation is not necessarily in the middle.To learn how to accurately determine the "Day X" at the lady should be at least six months to measure the basal temperature and the amount of its graphics.

# 8

There is another method based on the difference between the X- and Y-sperm.According to its founders, husband and wife, often merging into sexual intercourse are more likely to give birth to a boy.Those who wish to conceive a girl, you should refrain from long intimacy.Thus in the male body will accumulate more 'hvostatikov "with the desired chromosome.In general, none of the above methods is not efficient in terms of conception desired sex child.Almost one hundred percent guarantee of birth "princess" can only invented abroad method MaykroSort - sorting sperm.However, in addition to unreasonably high prices, it has another nasty strontium - conception will be made only by means of in vitro.Is it worth it - the big question.