How does the Rh factor in the conception of the child ?

How does the Rh factor in the conception of the child ?
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  • Learn what the Rh factor
  • Learn how to determine the Rh factor
  • Learn how inherited Rh factor
# 1

Determining Rh factor is a necessary procedure to ensure the properpregnancy and carrying out successful operations.Red blood cells (red blood cells) have on their surface specific antigens, which create a unique blood passport for all people.Whole blood are four groups: I (O), II (A), III (B) and IV (AB).Blood is always constant and does not change throughout life.Rh blood affiliation (positive or negative) depends on the presence or absence of a particular antigen the D, located on the surface of red blood cells, known as antigen rhesus factor (Rh).The presence of antigen (rhesus) blood does not depend on human blood.How does the Rh factor?It can serve as a cause of Rh-conflict that can occur between the embryo and the mother, identify the possible transplant compatibility.

# 2

How do you know your Rh factor?To determine the Rh factor needs a blood test to detect antibo

dies, which does not require special training.In determining the Rh factor (Rh) of the patient it is mixed with rhesus erythrocytes (anti Rh) serum.If thus to activate the specific agglutination test, blood is considered a positive - if not negative, ie, it has no human antigens in the blood.How to determine the Rh factor?For the faithful execution of the study carried out a blood test from a vein.Prior to delivery of the analysis is desirable about at least three hours to refrain from eating.Taking blood is produced by using disposable sterile needles.Typically, such assays use specialized immunohematology laboratory.As a result, the patient is given a special study conclusion on the absence or presence of Rh factor in the blood.

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How to determine the Rh factor of the child?To check the availability of special antirhesus identify bodies at a future mother, testifying Rhesus conflict.It can occur if the baby has inherited Rh from his father, and he came into conflict with the Rh-negative mother factor.Research carried out since 8 weeks (time of appearance of the Rh factor in the fetus) pregnancy in any Rh-negative women.To prevent the formation of antibodies is administered special Rh immunoglobulin.We can also assume the Rh factor of the child based on their Rh factors parents.How to inherited Rh factor?If the parents are Rh-negative, then the child can only be Rh negative.In other cases, if both parents are Rh-positive, or one of them is Rh positive, the baby can be either Rh-positive or Rh-negative.