How to remove the swelling during pregnancy ;how to reduce swelling in the legs on the last month of pregnancy ?

How to remove the swelling during pregnancy ;how to reduce swelling in the legs on the last month of pregnancy ?
You will need:
  • Infusion therapy
  • Proper nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Massage
  • Baths
# 1

swelling found in almost every woman, which is going to become a mother.It can be said that pregnancy and edema inseparable.Most often they appear from the fourth month, and sometimes the sixth.This occurs as a result of the permutation hormone (progesterone levels in the body becomes higher), the increase in blood volume.Salt and excess fluid is not removed from the body, which leads to stasis chambers.Some doctors tend to think this is quite a natural phenomenon, while others believe that in any case, you should get tested and find out the reasons, especially if swollen and his feet and hands, as well as the excessive and uneven increase in body weight, because all of these symptoms can besymptoms of severe heart disease, kidney disease, certain complications sometimes occur during pregnancy - such as preeclampsia (toxemia of late).

# 2

determine the presence of edema can be yourself: should

put pressure on the skin in the area of ​​the intended fluid retention.If she recovers quickly, no cause for concern.If the groove is maintained for some time, it indicates there is a problem.It is necessary to distinguish between the stages of development of edema: Depending on which prescribe specific medication.The initial stage: the swelling of feet and legs, the second - swelling of the legs and the lower back, the third stage of swollen hands and face, and the last stage is considered to be a general swelling of the body.With the swelling should fight because the excess water and salts in the body lead to increased blood pressure, increase the burden on the circulatory system, kidneys, heart.With regard to professional treatment, for the liberation of the body from fluid patients prescribed a course of infusion therapy.If you have problems with high blood pressure, it is recommended to pregnant women receiving antihypertensive drugs.

# 3

There are also a number of measures that can be taken on their own to get rid of swelling.The simplest solution: lie down, placing a pillow under your feet.During seats necessary to put your feet on a chair.This facilitates fluid outflow from the lower extremities.The amount of salt in the diet should be dramatically reduced.You can do it, and deleted as somehow sodium chloride comes into contact with other foods.Pregnant women are not recommended to consume meats, fried and spicy foods, spices and foods that contain sodium in large amounts: olives, salted nuts.The amount of fluid consumed must sostyavlyat 1-1.3 liters per day.We need to abandon the sugary drinks and sodas: they prevent the removal of excess fluid from the body.With a high degree of swelling doctor may prescribe diuretics.Independently resort to such a measure is highly undesirable: many drugs with a diuretic effect may harm the fetus.Better use of medicinal herbs and fees, but also, after consultation with the doctor.

# 4

Excellent helps relieve swelling physical activity.There are special facilities designed especially for expectant mothers: they help get rid of excess fluid, regulate blood pressure, improve well-being.Also recommended swimming and walking in the fresh air.Swelling in pregnancy and can be removed with the help of massage.When kneading arms and legs normal blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, regulating the work of all organs and systems, as on the feet and the inner surface of the palm of the active points are located.In the absence of sufficient training massage can not be carried out independently, as on a woman's body is the so-called "zone aborts", pressure on which can cause disruption of pregnancy and even provoke a miscarriage.They are located in the coccyx, sacrum, Achilles tendon, the heel, the base of the thumb.The first three months of pregnancy massage is generally contraindicated.

# 5

Independently can be carried out simply relaxing massage session.Use any phones and devices are not recommended, especially vibration and elektromassazhery.You can do light kneading and stroking the feet, legs, thighs, arms.Perfectly relieve swelling during pregnancy and baths with sea salt.Water should be comfortable temperature: about 30-35 degrees.To prevent the formation of pockets of stagnation in the ankles is recommended to wear tights with high waist.It is better to wear in the morning, before getting out of bed.Avoid stuffy room and generally a high temperature.Before you follow one or more of these guidelines, you should consult with your doctor, because any careless action in this important period of life can harm the unborn baby.