How to avoid Rh disease ?

How to avoid Rh disease ?
You will need:
  • Rh immunoglobulin
  • regular consultations
  • prevention of postpartum
# 1

Only 15% of people on the planet have a negative Rh factor.As a rule, it does not appear in the daily life.However, if a woman with Rh negative is pregnant from "positive" father, there is a risk of so-called Rh-conflict.If a child inherits a negative Rh factor of the mother, there is no danger.The situation changes if the crumb is also "positive".A woman's body may begin to perceive the fetus as a foreign object and try to destroy it.However, during the first pregnancy Rh blood is not as critical.But if the family plans to have two or more children, the risk increases significantly.

# 2

After the body "remembers" information (as in the case of immunity to colds or viruses) and again "infected" begins to produce antibodies more actively.How to avoid Rh-conflict and protect the baby?At all stages of pregnancy, the risk is closely monitored by doctors.Therefore it is necessary to register as soon as

you learn about the upcoming replenishment of the family.In the first months of the study carried out every few weeks, and then - once every two weeks, and at the end of pregnancy - every week.If problems still occur, one of the most effective ways to prevent Rhesus conflict is the introduction of Rh immunoglobulin mother.

# 3

It allows you to block the production of antibodies and serves as a link between maternal and fetal red blood cells.The main thing - to keep the pregnancy up to 38 weeks.After that, the doctors decide what is best: to do a cesarean section or pour future baby packed red blood cells through the umbilical vein (20 to 50 mL).This allows you to extend the pregnancy and support the child's condition.After the baby is born, within 72 hours you must enter the mother's Rh serum (immunoglobulin, of which we have mentioned above).This will protect the mother to and subsequent pregnancies were successful.