How to affect a woman's body " postinor " ?

How to affect a woman
You will need:
  • control pills "postinor"
  • Patience
# 1

Unwanted pregnancy to date, not a rare phenomenon, but not the most pitiable.After all, in addition to abortion, there are many ways for emergency contraception.This hormone preparations, one of which is "postinor".It should be taken immediately after intercourse.So far, none of the contraceptive pill was not awarded the title of harmless, as they block the natural processes in the female body, and the first thing ovulation.First of all you need to know the features of your body, so before taking any medication, and how a woman's body affects a particular medicine.Some women after Postinor stomach aches, dizziness and vomiting is observed, while others - bleeding.But there are women who have no side effects were observed.According to some studies the reception of contraceptives may cause ectopic pregnancy.But this is not the worst.Manufacturers contraceptive drugs are often silent about the abortive action of their products and how to

affect the female body the drug.The consequences can be miscarriage, ovulation stop, obstacle implantation of a fertilized egg at fertilization unit shipments.

# 2

Can I avoid this?First of all, you need to follow the instructions carefully, because it affects and efficiency, and the degree of harm.Maximum reduce the frequency of drug administration, preferably once a month, and most importantly - before taking consult your doctor.The drug is contraindicated in women with irregular menstrual cycles, chronic kidney disease, and gallbladder.Gynecologists advised to take hormone pills like Postinor only in cases of emergency, as this is a great harm to the health of not only the woman but also her future children.This type of contraception can be a threat ovarian disease, and in the future, when a woman wants to have a child, she already can not happen.

# 3

Any contraceptives do not give a hundred percent result.In the event that after the drug Postinor pregnancies still occurred, you should immediately consult a doctor and find out if there are any abnormalities in the child's development, and whether a pregnancy without complications passes.And to deal with how pregnancy affects a woman's body.Most doctors say that postinor only prevents pregnancy, but in the case of an unsuccessful attempt any harm to the child or his mother does not cause.But it all depends on the body, because the response of each woman is different.And as claimed by the statistics of getting pregnant after receiving Postinor possible, but in rare cases.It should be borne in mind that whatever the drug, he always leaves the body decomposition products of the components.Over time, they accumulate and remain in the body for life.As the body is recovering after giving birth, it is known - the female body is completely renewed, but this may be complications due to receive drugs such as postinor.You should always be aware of the dangers, before taking any of the medications, especially if it is the hormonal contraceptive pill.