How to cure hemorrhoids at home in women after giving birth ?

How to cure hemorrhoids at home in women after giving birth ?
You will need:
  • method for increasing the activity
  • Walking
  • Medical examination
  • selection methods to influence
  • ointments, suppositories, creams
  • Baths, decoctions of herbs, massage
  • Leeches
# 1

Hemorrhoids is a fairly common disease that affects many groups of the population.Risk factor is also the process of pregnancy and childbirth.According to statistics data, more than a third of women face this problem.Before how to treat hemorrhoids at home or in the hospital, you should understand the reasons for its occurrence, to be able to choose for themselves the most appropriate means.The main cause of the disease is the low permeability of the blood on informing channels in the lower half of the body, which leads to stagnation.By risk include not only the pelvic area and the intestine, but also veins located on the feet.

# 2

provocateur hemorrhoidal formations is the sedentary lifestyle or physical inactivity.This is what makes prone to disease as people whose work involves a long

stay in a sitting position.It is more important to know how to prevent the development of disease, then perhaps do not have to think about how to treat hemorrhoids.At home, in women during pregnancy is almost no way to maintain an appropriate level of physical activity, and most of the advice of the pastime reduced to simple work that can be performed using one hand and sitting.Doctors also recommend that as much as possible to move and walk, if that is possible, do not stay too long in one place.

# 3

But even movement sometimes do not save, because with the development of baby's body expectant mother is exposed to quite a lot of changes..Everyone knows that the period of gestation increased size of the uterus, and in the last stages, it takes a lot of space.In addition to increasing the size and weight of the uterus, because of what it can begin to put pressure on the blood channels in the pelvic area, the main of which is the lower hollow Vienna.But if at the time of gestation had no problems of this nature, it does not mean that the party was hemorrhoids.The fact that the process of childbirth is sufficiently large load to the female body.The abdomen is also subject to enormous pressure, which is one of the main causes of hemorrhoids in the postpartum period.

# 4

Do not forget that during pregnancy the digestive system changes its operation due to changes in the position of some of its organs.Some women do not pay due attention to the problem due to the fact that soon after the process of childbirth disease and its symptoms for some time decay.Some time later, again the illness makes itself felt, and the question of how to cure hemorrhoids at home once again stands on the agenda.The fact that the treatment of many diseases during pregnancy and during lactation should take place with the use of more conservative methods, and traditional solutions are not always possible to use.It is better to address to the proctologist, who can tell you how to treat hemorrhoids at home and not to use the funds at its discretion in order to avoid possible complications.

# 5

Unlike other cases of the disease, during pregnancy and after childbirth is better to localize as much as possible the use of certain funds.Therefore widely used in such cases receive special creams, ointments and anal suppositories.The latter also can not always be used during lactation.The reason is quite simple: the active ingredients of many candles can be in the composition of breast milk, which may badly affect the health of the child.It should also know how to treat hemorrhoids at home or that of traditional medicines, which are unlikely to be an independent method of combating the disease, but it can give a good result in an integrated approach.These selection and application should be treated with caution, and best of all - consult with your doctor.

# 6

Alternative medicine can offer several types of funds affecting hemorrhoidal education.The first of these include various types of baths.They can serve as the basis for decoctions of medicinal herbs (chamomile, St. John's wort, water pepper) or a weak solution of potassium permanganate.Help can be and all sorts of packs made on the basis of various oils (sunflower, olive, burdock), as well as St. John's wort and tinctures of celandine.At home, you can also cook anal suppositories, for which the material is solid honey, raw potatoes and aspen leaves.The most popular ointment from rowan and tysyachelistnikovogo juice, finely frayed beets and carrots.Due attention should be given to the cause of the disease - poor blood circulation in the pelvic area.

# 7

Cope with it will help massage, conducted not only in the places of occurrence of hemorrhoids themselves, but also in the entire lower body.The methods that may be used in the home also includes applying a treatment using leeches.On each node should be placed on the leech, but often not recommended to apply the procedure.Treatment of hemorrhoidal formations during pregnancy and after it is quite a challenge.It is necessary not only to choose an effective method of influence, but also take into account the possibility of side effects that can affect the health of the mother and child.Better to choose a comprehensive approach, which will include the application of methods of folk and traditional medicine, but also the revision of the power supply system and way of life in general.