How to create a schedule pregnant ?

How to create a schedule pregnant ?
You will need:
  • piece of paper
  • handle
  • knowledge about healthy lifestyles
  • Discipline
# 1

How to make raporyadok day?The first rule - to forget for the pregnancy of such concepts as "larks" and "owls".It begins to charge positive energy in the morning.Do not delude yourself into thinking that waking up in 10-11 hours, you can sleep better.The first rays of the sun give the most active.Therefore, since the early days better accustom yourself to rise at 7 am.

# 2

Leaving a half-hour to "lie in bed", water treatment, etc., it is recommended to do at 7:30 charging.There are special complexes of morning exercises for pregnant women to help tune in to the new day and my mother, and the future of the baby.

# 3

At 8:00 for breakfast.For an hour the body is fully awakened and is ready to receive food (of course, helpful and kind!).

# 4

next point, which is included in the daily routine - a walk in the fresh air.In the morning it is particularly useful.Depending on weather conditio

ns, the trip can last from 8 to 11 am.

# 5

After returning you can spend some time yourself, or do household cooking dinner.Meals are best at 12:30.And with an hour to 3 hours of the day is to relax.You can sleep or just do something quiet (eg crafts).

# 6

In half of the fourth again need to spend "fizkultminutku".More precisely, for half an hour to perform special exercises for pregnant women.

# 7

Even those who do not normally eat between lunch and dinner, during pregnancy, doctors advise to arrange a light snack (snack) at 16:00.

# 8

As already mentioned, the daily routine of a pregnant shall mean long walks in the fresh air.Therefore, immediately after the afternoon snack you can go for a walk - to meet friends, to breathe the evening air, when there is no hot sun, etc.It is advisable to go home to half of the seventh, as at 19:00 on the routine - dinner.After that, best not to eat, because food is digested worse at night.

# 9

Remaining time can be devoted to the internet, watching TV or reading books.It is best to complete these lessons for half an hour before bedtime, so as not to overload the body.

# 10

Doctors unanimously recommend future mums go to bed before 22:00.A master of Feng Shui does not recommend closing the window curtains: in their opinion, the moonlight is an invaluable source of light qi energy, due to which the mother and baby will feel comfortable and be able to rest well.