How to calculate a favorable date for conception ?

How to calculate a favorable date for conception ?
You will need:
  • Calendar
  • test to determine ovulation
  • Vitamins
  • direction on analyzes
# 1

In every family where a man and a woman love each other, there comeswhen they are ready to continue its kind, and dare to have a baby.Of course, the first thing they have to fully check the status of their health.To do this, you need to see a gynecologist and take the direction of all the necessary tests.Expectant mother, be sure to visit the dentist, so that during pregnancy it is not worried about a toothache.It is desirable for the 3 months prior to the proposed date of conception drink all the necessary vitamins and refuse contraceptives.And then came the moment when the body is normal, and the woman is ready for fertilization.How to calculate the day of the child's conception, to the female body was the most ready for this?

# 2

There are several ways to calculate a favorable day for conception.One way to calculate the date, the menstrual cycle.In that case, if the girl is always critical

days are coming according to the calendar and there are no hormonal disruption, it is possible to calculate the day of conception of the child, according to her menstrual cycle.The average period of the cycle in healthy women ranging from 28 to 32 days.In this 1st day of menstruation - a reference point of the cycle.On the 7th day, the egg is ready for fertilization.From the 11th to the 21st day the egg is released from the ovary and goes down the fallopian tube, in this period it is necessary to meet the sperm, then it will lead to its fertilization.Therefore, 11 to 21-day menstrual cycle, are the most favorable.

# 3

In order to determine the date of conception of the child, you need to be familiar with your body.The daily measurement of basal body temperature, you can see the day of ovulation.Pregnancy is 6 days before ovulation, during its formation, and for the next day after ovulation.For several months prior to the proposed date of conception, you can see on which day ovulation occurs.To do this every day to measure the basal temperature.Before ovulation, it will be about the same, at the time of ovulation will fall by 0.5 - 1 degree, and after ovulation will rise sharply.This will be the signal for a successful conception.Just at the pharmacy, you can buy special tests to determine ovulation, this will facilitate its calculation.Conception the day of ovulation leading to 100% fertility.

# 4

woman, it is imperative to determine the date of conception of the child, because with this, it will be able to know the exact date of his birth.Most often, doctors recommend to give birth to children in the fall or winter.Therefore, a favorable date, it is desirable to calculate from January to March.This is to ensure that at the time of being in the womb, the baby could get plenty of vitamins for their development.The date for its conception, the same can be calculated through the study of female secretions.After a month, for the next 9-11 days, increase vaginal moisture.The day when the mucus will be as much and it will be clear and have the most favorable day for conception.

# 5

To calculate favorable date is not difficult to conceive a child, if a woman is watching their health and know the changes that occur in her body.After the girl will make its own schedule of physiological changes, it in no case will not miss a favorable day for conception.The future Pope, must always be ready for this moment.The main thing - it is a great desire to have a baby and lead at the same time a healthy lifestyle.Then the effort will not pass in vain, and after 9 months the lovers appear a little man who will bring new bright colors in the lives of their parents.