How do you know whether you had chickenpox ?

How do you know whether you had chickenpox ?
You will need:
  • medical card
  • blood test for antibodies to chickenpox
# 1

Chickenpox (varicella) - a viral disease, which sooner or later become infected almost all the people withoutexceptions.Usually the virus is transmitted through the air by coughing, sneezing or contact with human skin of the patient.A striking feature of this disease is a rash of blisters filled with fluid, which are very itchy, then burst and covered with crusts.It may be accompanied by fever.As a rule, the disease is in children although rapidly, but without complications.At the same time, adult chicken pox can proceed very hard and cause a number of complications, up to inflammation of the meninges.That is why it is important for adults to know if you are hurt in childhood chickenpox.

# 2

We must try to get this information from a child's medical card, but do not always have it that the person or in the archives.To some extent permissible trust your memories, if the disease was more conscious age.Parents may

remember, whether you have chickenpox, but again, not always possible for various reasons everyday to ask them.Yet it is important to get this information, because for those adults who have not had chickenpox, there is now a real chance to avoid this disease thanks to a special vaccination vaccine against varicella.

# 3

In the midst of disease there is no need to do special tests to confirm the chickenpox as a picture of the disease is usually not in doubt.In other cases, there is only one reliable way how to find out whether you had chickenpox before.This is a blood test for antibodies to chickenpox.Many certified laboratories make it.If there are antibodies to chickenpox, and in large numbers, so people ill with chickenpox and has developed a corresponding immunity in the blood.Consequently, there is no fear of contact with the sick person.It is very important for pregnant women because the virus infection in the first trimester of pregnancy may impair fetal development, in the last stages - to a strong weakening of the newborn.

# 4

Laboratory analysis can be valuable in the event that you clearly know whether you had chickenpox, and are confident that the sick, and the analysis of the results show a very low value of antibody titers to varicella.This may indicate that, after contact with the virus developed a weak immune response in the body and there is a possibility of re-infection.Vaccination helps to avoid infection varicella-zoster virus, but the need for its implementation it is advisable to discuss with your doctor.This vaccine is not provided in the calendar of compulsory vaccination, but it can be done at will in an appropriate medical institution.