Why swollen hands ?

Why swollen hands ?
You will need:
  • Lymph edema
  • Thrombosis Venous insufficiency
  • Temporary swelling
# 1

Swelling in itself is not a separate illness.This is - a symptom of inflammation in the body organs.Or - a consequence of chronic diseases.Therefore, when confronted, and such a phenomenon, it is necessary to consult a doctor with the question why swollen hands.Undiagnosed and diagnosed correctly prescribed treatment will give the opportunity not only to get rid of pesky edema, but also prevent a more complex disease.

# 2

Lymph edema.The reason due to which the swollen hand, may be hiding under a disease of the lymphatic system - lymphostasis and sometimes lymphedema.This violation of lymph drainage from the body may cause congenital disease or cancer tumors on the background in the body: benign or malignant tumors, as well as from inflammation processes in the lymphatic system.Treatment in this case be designed to eliminate stagnant lymph processes and improve its handling in the body.Neglected di

seases will lead to thickening of the skin and the formation of painful ulcers on the body.

# 3

thrombosis.Causes swelling of the hands may be violations of the venous system.Blood thickens, reduced its speed through the veins, blood clots form - all this leads to irreversible processes in the venous system.In the end, there is an accumulation of fluid in the extremities, which is beyond the limits of vessels and provoke swelling.This is a serious disease that results in the clogging of blood vessels and requires urgent treatment.You may experience swelling and in diseases of the kidneys, liver, blood vessels in which there is an inability to retain fluid.

# 4

Venous insufficiency.When varicose veins occur coming swelling on hands and feet.There is a disturbance in the venous microcirculation of blood through the veins.The blood accumulates toxins and carbon dioxide.This leads to lack of oxygen and the difficulty of venous outflow and return.Are formed nodules on the veins of dark color.All this leads to swelling of tissues in the evening.In the morning, as a rule, all the symptoms disappear.Varicose vein disease can lead to serious consequences and require treatment.

# 5

Temporary swelling.For injuries swelling may appear on the hands.This is a temporary phenomenon that will disappear along with the healing of the injured limb.With lack of sleep, chronic fatigue and alcohol abuse may also experience soft tissue swelling.Paralytic swelling causes damage to the brain or spinal cord.Swollen limbs can in hot weather, when the worsening outflow of fluid from the body.Often there limb swelling in pregnant women.This is due to hormonal changes.Women in this case it is recommended to limit your fluid intake.The cause of edema may be determined only by the doctor.If swelling of the hands and other parts of the body do not have the character of one movement, repeated regularly or capture all the large area, it is necessary to address urgently to the doctor.