How and why is the ECG ?

How and why is the ECG ?
You will need:
  • lack of nervousness, peace
  • lack of food or light meal before the test
  • Good
  • absence in the diet of coffee, tea, and power engineers to ECG
# 1

Heart - one of the few agencies that have to work without rest breaks and "holidays".It must do this, because it is on its smooth functioning depends on human life and in many ways - health.Slight irregular heartbeat in most cases result in changes in the other systems, and many of them will be permanent.Usually serious violations in the work of the heart do not appear "suddenly" - they are preceded by certain events that, in the presence of modern equipment, will be able to diagnose any expert in the field of medicine.Similar studies carried out in hardware, including during many other diseases that are seemingly far from cardiology.Do not avoid them and women to bear a child.

# 2

One of the most widespread and most commonly prescribed tests of this type - ECG.The basic principle of this method is quite simple.When the heart

occur physicochemical changes in its tissues, particularly - with inter- and ionic composition of intracellular fluid.All this leads to the formation of electric current impulses and vibrations and can be registered with a special machine - electrocardiograph.Modern instruments of this type are very similar to conventional voltage meter.They have a sensing device - electrodes - through which occurs following the activities of the heart muscle, its contraction and excitation.All these phenomena electrocardiograph displays a chart-cardiogram curve.

# 3

With ECG at an early stage can identify such diseases as myocardial dystrophy, various disorders of the coronary circulation, sclerosis, hypertrophy of the heart cavities and so on. N. In fact, thanks to this study find out the causes of chest pain(which are often caused by angina, heart attack, or inflammation of the heart membrane), as well as shortness of breath, dizziness, palpitations attacks - part of the "satellite" diseases "motor" of the human body.However, faced with how to do an electrocardiogram, often falls to relatively healthy people.This usually happens when they are wanting to lose weight, are examined in order to get the information, what types of physical activity they are allowed, and what - are contraindicated.

# 4

Although there is an opinion that special training in this kind of research is not required, many doctors still insist that some action must be taken - in order to achieve a truly objective picture of the heart and the exclusion of "random" factors distortingher.Thus, a person must be in a state of rest, do not feel strong emotions and fatigue.Therefore, before you make an electrocardiogram, it is not recommended to get nervous, and it is better to come to the cardiologist's office rested.The day before is to abandon the use of body fat creams or lotions - they degrade the electrode contact with the skin.It is important and proper diet in this day.It is advisable to conduct a study on an empty stomach and not eat in front of him exciting drinks (coffee, energy, green tea).

# 5

about half an hour before the manipulation is best to sit down, relax and catch your breath that it is smooth and quiet.The procedure usually lasts less than five minutes.Man offer bare knees and unbutton or take off clothes above the waist.Then he laid down on the couch on his back and to his limbs and chest electrodes attached ten using cuffs and suckers.Then remove the electrocardiogram.A little later (depending on their workload) doctor gives decoding of its results.To prevent all the people recommended to take such studies at least once a year.Sometimes, when information from the ECG is not enough, connect additional tests: echocardiography, blood pressure monitoring, etc.