How do chest X-ray , and whether training is needed?

How do chest X-ray , and whether training is needed?
You will need:
  • X-ray machine
  • Contrast
# 1

X-ray is one of the ways to prevent various diseases.For example, using x-ray can determine the early stages light spots on the presence or eliminate cardiac defects.Moreover, only by means of X-rays can accurately determine the degree of curvature of the spine.The most common x-ray of the chest, colon and teeth.

# 2

Very often there are questions about how to do chest X-ray.The procedure is performed in the office with special equipment.We need to strip to the waist and stand in front of a special shield, in which the film is inserted.At a distance of about two meters worth device that produces gamma rays.They have the ability to penetrate soft tissue and linger in the solid.Passing through the chest, they are deposited on the film to form a pattern.

# 3

Along with questions about the chest, often asked questions about how to make an X-ray of the spine.Before this procedure, it is necessary to wash out the stomach and stay a few days o

n a diet, which prevents the formation of gases.The procedure is performed on an empty stomach.To produce x-ray the patient is placed on a special table, and is about five shots of various parts of the spine in the supine position, on the side or at an angle.The procedure is done at the client's absolute immobility.

# 4

In addition, many are interested in the question as to how to make an X-ray of the intestine.Before the procedure, the patient undergoes some training, which is a physiological cleansing the body.It can be carried out complete contrast radiography of the intestine or colon x-ray department only.To do this, the body through the mouth or by using enemas administered contrast and after a while made a series of shots.By contrast, the rate of passage can conclude whether there is stagnation.

# 5

Sometimes x-ray procedure is prescribed to pregnant women.But not everyone knows how to affect x-ray pregnancy.In general, due to exposure to radioactive, though brief, radiation, X-rays are not recommended for pregnant women.It is done only when absolutely necessary.This belly served prosvintsovanym special cloak, to minimize the impact on the fetus.It is also recommended to restrict shooting only chest.In the production of breast milk does not affect X-rays.

# 6

Another question concerns how to make an X-ray of the teeth.X-rays do in a special chair that looked like a dentist.In this procedure, the chest and the abdomen falls prosvintsovany apron to prevent the exposure of other organs.On the examinee the tooth falls plate and X-rays are sent to a thin beam.This procedure is done in order to assess the degree of looseness gums before you pull a tooth or seal.