How to treat purulent otitis , diagnostics, treatment

How to treat purulent otitis , diagnostics, treatment
You will need:
  • Medicines
  • packs
  • Physiotherapy
  • Ear drops
# 1

With this disease, such as otitis media, may face an adult and a child.Otitis media - an inflammation of the ear.The pain can occur due to of infection, due to ingress of water when swimming, as a result of colds.There are several types of otitis media, depending on the inflammation of the ear department.Doctor audiologist knows how to treat purulent otitis in children and adults.To start doing a blood test, X-rays, an audiogram.If the disease in the inner ear department prescribed antibiotics and prescribed bed rest.Packs and physiotherapy treatments have a beneficial effect on the patient's condition.If treatment medication has no effect, it is necessary to proceed to surgical methods.Eardrum cut and deflate the pus.If the disease has affected your hearing, then make blowing, special massage.

# 2

How to treat otitis externa?When the disease of department of external ear using gauze pads, moisten them with alcohol and p

ut in a sore ear, literally a couple of hours (can not be left inside for the night compresses).On top of the head is necessary to roll the handkerchief to carefully heat the ear.To reduce pain, prescribed paracetamol and drink drip ear drops.

# 3

How to cure otitis media?The earlier start to treat it, the more effective the treatment will take place.To conclude pus from the middle part of the ear prescribed nasal drops.Most still suffer from otitis children, this is due to the structure of the ear.In narrow aisles accumulated pus and mucus, and this affects the pressure in the ear.How to treat otitis media in children?Immediately you need to pay for specialized medical attention, to run a very dangerous disease, hearing loss can be earned.The patient should consume more fluids, to avoid drying of the mucus.Packs - the most common method of treatment.Heat helps to reduce pain and inhibits the process of infection.

# 4

Traditional medicine recommends the use of tinctures of walnut, calendula and even advises bury warm vodka.It is necessary to monitor the state of health, and at the slightest deviation from the norm to conduct a survey.The first sign of the disease is a pain in the ear or ears.It can arise from bacteria that had accumulated in the ear, or from a virus that has entered the body.Ear pain can be different: a pressing, aching.symptoms may then develop into a rise in body temperature, fever and worsening of the patient's general state of health.Otitis -very serious disease, if it is not recovered, you can lose your hearing.It is necessary to listen to all the medical advice.