How to measure your cholesterol ?

How to measure your cholesterol ?
You will need:
  • portable device
  • aimed at analyzing
  • Using dietary
  • Limiting consumption of animal fats
  • consultation of a specialist
# 1

Unbalanced diet with plenty ofproducts rich in animal fat and salt, often leads to an increase in blood cholesterol.As a result, blood vessels lent since the substance is deposited on the walls in the form of plaques and contributes to the overall splicing lumen.This situation is fraught with serious consequences: the development of atherosclerosis, stroke, myocardial infarction.Cardiovascular disease will require significant long-term treatment.

# 2

At the same time, cholesterol is necessary for the proper functioning of the body, as it supports the production of vitamin D, sex hormones, stabilizes cell membranes.Therefore, you need to monitor the content of the substance in the blood.Check your cholesterol to help special portable device that can be used at home, alone.The presence of the device would allow continuous monitoring of cholesterol

levels by preventing its decrease or increase.To carry out the measurements is easy, if you follow the enclosed instructions.

# 3

All that is needed to get the result - to put on a test strip and a drop of his own blood to put in the test apparatus.Device for measuring cholesterol in the home himself decides cholesterol concentration.Of course, the unit price is not everyone can afford.Although it is desirable to have patients with cardiovascular problems, as well as diabetes and liver disease leading to a decrease in the content of substances in the blood.

# 4

can measure cholesterol by passing a blood sample for laboratory analysis.In this case, you need to get a referral physician, endocrinologist, or cardiologist.A blood sample taken from a vein in the clinic, fasting.Results may vary depending on the diet.If you are going to be tested, should avoid eating foods rich in animal protein for a month.The main emphasis in the diet needs to be done to crops and vegetables are high in fiber.

# 5

eve visit laboratories to abandon the use of strong tea, drink alcohol, coffee.Do not smoke.Normal is considered an indicator of the concentration of cholesterol of 5 mmol / l.To find out the result of the study, it is necessary once again to visit the doctor, because the conclusion is not issued on the hands of patients.Slight deviations from the normal index does not accept the attention, since it is usually caused by non-observance of the diet.

# 6

If abnormalities are represented significant, to go through a detailed diagnostics to determine the cause of the phenomenon.It is possible that you will need to check repeatedly cholesterol figures.When detection of the disease, the doctor will prescribe the best treatment.You will need to monitor carefully during this time the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, and to adhere to recommendations for the compilation of the diet.