How do X-rays of the intestine : Features procedures

How do X-rays of the intestine : Features procedures
You will need:
  • X-ray machine
  • patient
# 1

According to an X-ray can determine lesions, malformations, bone fractures, foreign bodies and various tumors.The cavities, vascular system and the soft tissue found in completing their contrast agent.For example, such a contrast agent is barium sulfate.It is used for X-ray examination of the gastrointestinal tract.What would study to be effective, it is better to know in advance how to do an X-ray of the intestine or stomach.

# 2

To study the esophagus, stomach and small intestine the patient swallows barium sulfate slurry is cooked.X-ray examination of the large intestine and rectum patient using a special enema administered in rectal cavity of a liquid suspension of barium.On the eve of the study are excluded from the diet of roughage, causing flatulence.Food intake was stopped 14 hours before the test.On the eve of taking a saline laxative, 2-3 hours make a cleansing enema.A few hours before the test is repeated enema.During the radiation

diagnosis should take into account the effect of X-rays on pregnant.

# 3

It is in the I trimester of pregnancy, when the fetus occurs and the formation of a high risk of mutagenic effects of radiation on the fetus.Therefore, X-rays in pregnancy make only for health reasons.All kinds of X-ray research was carried out using a special protective apron in the genital area.Anyone who watches the condition of the oral cavity should know why and how to do an X-ray of the teeth.It is conducted to assess the condition of the teeth, revealing cavities, gum inflammatory lesions.X-ray of the teeth is performed by special x-ray machine, which captures the minimum area of ​​the body.

# 4

Study chest does not require pre-treatment of the patient.X-Ray allows you to see all the thoracic organs: the heart, the large and small blood vessels, bronchi and lungs, lymph nodes and bone.How do chest X-ray depends on the severity of the patient's condition: seriously ill people to make one shot in the prone position, the remaining two shots in the standing position: front and rear.

# 5

spine radiograph can diagnose curvature of the spine, fractures of the spine, at the height of the intervertebral spacing can indirectly judge the state of the intervertebral discs.How do X-rays of the spine?Typically, the patient standing, with injuries - lying.

# 6

Thus, radiography, appearing at the beginning of the last century, has not lost its diagnostic value.It allows you to explore the many organs and systems and identify the most dangerous diseases.Modern equipment to minimize radiation exposure to the body.