How to prepare for ultrasound of the gallbladder ?

How to prepare for ultrasound of the gallbladder ?
You will need:
  • Espumizan
  • preparations containing enzymes
  • broth chamomile
# 1

Modern devices for ultrasound is accurate and informative.They allow you to avoid radiation exposure compared to x-ray diffraction methods, and also widely used for children and pregnant women.Ultrasonic method of investigating abdominal organs allows us to estimate the position of organs in the abdominal cavity, their condition, to detect signs of inflammation, tumors of various kinds, stones in the biliary system.The study included abdominal examination of the liver, its size and density, gall bladder and ducts, pancreas, spleen.If a person is worried about the discomfort in the right upper quadrant, the violation of a chair, an unpleasant bitter taste in the mouth, for the proper diagnosis the doctor usually appoints holding ultrasound of the gallbladder.How to prepare for this study is to ask in advance as quality preparation for ultrasound takes 2-3 days.

# 2

This period is associated with the fact t

hat being in abdominal bowel loops interfere with a good overview of the gallbladder, especially when a person suffers from flatulence (flatulence).The gases are in the intestine, inflate it and prevent assess the condition of the abdominal organs.In order to avoid excess gas formation in the intestine for two days prior to an abdominal ultrasound should follow a simple diet: eliminate foods that are difficult to digest and contribute to the formation of gases in the intestines (cabbage, radish, radishes, beans, peas, black rye bread, milk, dairy products,fruit), carbonated water and drinks with gas.You can eat boiled meat, lean fish, buckwheat, oats, rice, pasta, cottage cheese.To improve the digestion of food for a few days, you can take medication containing enzymes:. Creon, mezim, pancreatin, etc. When panzinorm strongly expressed flatulence can be a few days to begin receiving drug Espumizan 2 capsules 3 times a day.As can be recommended for chamomile flowers broth cup-half three times a day.In the event of prolonged constipation, doctors recommend purgation yesterday.On the day of the study it is also desirable to empty the bowel.

# 3

last meal the day before should not be very tight no later than 17-18 hours.On the day of the study did not receive water is recommended, as this may distort the picture.In urgent cases, with acute pain to prepare for the ultrasound is not necessary, it will hold without preparation.If one day is scheduled abdominal ultrasound and esophagogastroscopy, the first study to do an ultrasound.Making ultrasound immediately after esophagogastroscopy not recommended, as the results can be greatly distorted.Also, if carried out X-ray examination of the stomach and intestines using contrast agent, before ultrasound should wait a few days - the remains of the contrast can give a false result of the study.Periodic ultrasound of the gall bladder and ducts must be carried out, if you are already diagnosed with cholecystitis, chronic or acute, cholelithiasis, the tumor is benign or malignant, polyposis, after operations on the biliary tract and gall bladder removal.