How do I know the blood group without analyzes ?

How do I know the blood group without analyzes ?
You will need:
  • Blood
  • Table ABO
  • information about the blood group of the father and mother
# 1

This question is necessary to begin with, that know their own blood group andblood relatives is very important.In some countries, it is necessary for admission to employment, and the blood is indicated in the summary of the applicant.It is also important during a blood transfusion, because when infused into a patient the wrong group, he could die.What is the general blood group and how do you know the blood group?Blood - it is nothing like information on individual antigenic characteristics of red blood cells, is determined by human genetics.Rh factor - a protein in the red blood cell membrane.If it is, then, a positive Rh factor.If no - no.Most people have Rh positive.There are four blood groups.The first group - the most common.About fifty percent of the population have this blood group.This - the oldest group.Approximately thirty percent of the world's population has a second group of blood

.Ten - fifteen percent falls on the third.And the young group - the fourth.It is, among other things, and the rarest.Only five percent of people have this blood group.

# 2

There are also signs of blood group: GS - the first group of OA - the second group, OB - AB and the third - the fourth group.Blood group and Rh factor have an effect on a person's character, his inclinations and preferences.In a healthy human blood remains constant throughout his life.If, for some reason, people do not know their blood type, it is obligatory to clarify this issue.Indeed, without this information, the process is complicated by the patient's treatment.How do you know your blood group without analyzing - this question is quite difficult to find the answer, especially if there are no medical training.It should say at once that it is quite difficult, and in some cases - and even impossible.So much easier to go to the hospital and go through all the necessary procedures to the end to get a reliable result.However, in life there are different situations, and sometimes a person needs to know the blood group without analyzes.What to do in this case?You can find plenty of tips and "information" on the subject.But if they are reasonable and effective?

# 3

Some argue that the blood group is determined by the external data person.For example, a big nose - the first group, big eyes - the second, large ears and cold - the third, and full lips - the fourth group of blood.Is it adequate and effective method, and whether it is possible in such an important matter to rely on it, no one will dare to say.Some tips to determine the blood group by the cut.Or rather, observe how the blood is minimized.The lower the blood, the worse she clotting (ie longer collapses the blood).But then the question arises: is not it easier to go to the clinic and just hand over the analysis?You can look at the parents' passports: male artist mother's blood group in women father's blood.If the groups coincide blood parents, it is likely, and a child by the same group.Generally, if a person who wants to know the blood group - adult individual, then you just need to look in the medical card, which, for sure, there is, for the vast majority of people, unfortunately, at least once in his life hurt and were registered in the children's or adultpolyclinic.And, then, most likely, once blood tests, and a group with the Rh factor already identified.Or just need to look into the passport - most likely a child was already established blood.

# 4

is, in principle, and all.Other no effective methods to determine blood group, unfortunately, does not exist.Anyway, it is better to contact the clinic.Moreover, with such a vital issue, as the blood group.Of course, there are rumors about some developments that in the near future will enable to determine the blood type in the home.Something like a test, which you can buy at the pharmacy, and the house quickly and painlessly find everything you need for your blood.But all this is in the plans, and besides, it is not known how accurate the results will be.I would like to draw attention to the actions of deliberation and safety.Not worth the risk and try to determine blood type at home after reading several articles on the Internet.Especially, such things as folk remedies, signs and observation may be either wrong or not accurate.Therefore it is better in such an important matter and trust the professionals to carry out all the necessary manipulations in sterile conditions.In addition, today the medicine is able to solve the problem with the definition of blood quickly and as painlessly as possible.It should just go to the clinic in the community, or to sign up for donation - and a noble cause, and free determine blood type.