How does X-rays pregnancy ?

How does X-rays pregnancy ?
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pregnancy in each woman's life - this is the most memorable and challenging time, when the future momIt bears full responsibility not only for their health but also the health of the little man, who is in the womb.Especially in this period, each woman tries to behave so as to give the unborn baby the best of everything.Future mothers are often interested in issues related to diet during the long-awaited pregnancy, sleep and work, with the planned pre-travel.And they are interested in gymnastics for pregnant women, medication and vitamins, medical examination, in particular X-ray, and much more.

# 2

Power of radiation from the X-ray is usually measured in rads.Glad - it is a unit to indicate how much harmful radiation will be absorbed by the body.Ten rad - this is the amount of radiation that can be harmful to health.Often, almost all the x-ray devices emit five rad.Since one rad is equal to one thousand mrad, t

here is a certain payment for conventional X-rays, for example, one hundredth mrad - is the amount of radiation can be obtained by making dental shot sixty mrad during the passage of the image of the chest, two hundred and ninety mrad while passingimage of the abdominal cavity, the passage of eight mrad CT.

# 3

So, how does an X-ray Pregnancy?It is already known that the greatest impact of any effects on the development of the baby in the first three months of pregnancy, most commonly done dental picture, or chest X-ray light, when the future mom still does not know that she is in the "interesting" position.This is due to the fact that for the first three months of pregnancy is necessary to the formation and development of the baby organs and most important organs in the body.If a pregnant woman is shown X-rays, it is possible to produce in the second trimester of pregnancy.It is also appropriate to note that a child is exposed to during pregnancy, about one hundred mrad of radiation received from the earth and the sun.But despite all this, especially not to worry.No doctor will offer pregnant women X-rays, knowing that it will bring significant harm to her or the baby.