How to reduce blood creatinine level?

How to reduce blood creatinine level?
You will need:
  • Limiting salt intake.
  • Limit consumption of meat.
  • Fig.
  • Still mineral water.
  • thorough diagnosis.
# 1

How to reduce blood creatinine level?Creatinine - a special substance that forms after muscle contraction.Creatinine excreted in urine output.If the level has risen, it is an alarming sign.Most likely, the person has a disease of the muscular system, kidneys, thyroid gland.You must be diagnosed to identify which disease caused the violation.Decrease in blood creatinine level can only cure the disease.Traditional medicine may temporarily correct the pathology, but lasting effect does not.

# 2

be examined is necessary.diagnostic results fully confirm the preliminary diagnosis, or, on the contrary, it will deny.It is known that the increase in blood creatinine, often associated with renal insufficiency.If violations are observed in the blood and urine samples, pathology, the reason lies in the wrong way of life and human nutrition.Such a violation can be corrected independ

ently.Otherwise, serum creatinine returns to normal only after complete cure.

# 3

Often, creatinine exceeds the permissible limits as a result of a bad diet.Particularly strong influence on the use of animal protein component.It is recommended in this case to limit the consumption of meat and drink is not carbonated mineral water daily.It should also pay more attention to fresh greens and vegetables.Then do not arise any problems, how to reduce creatinine in the blood.Gradually the figure would come back to normal, and long-term treatment is required.

# 4

increase the level of creatinine enhanced physical activity.Most often the problem faced by professional athletes.The body suffers from dehydration.Therefore, it is shown to drink as much water as possible.By the way, you can use a special diet, which reduces creatinine, regardless of the cause.It is recommended to enter the menu in the fruit, such as citrus fruits, pomegranates, pears.It is necessary to prepare meals for a couple or eat boiled foods.Especially useful to use as a garnish buckwheat.From food should be completely excluded bakery products from wheat flour.

# 5

diet must be followed for a week.This time is quite enough to make the blood creatinine level dropped.However, this does not mean that there is no need to visit the medical facility.Health is easy to lose, hard to recover.You can never rule out the possibility that a violation of creatinine was the result of a serious illness.Diagnostics will not take a lot of time.But, it will be possible to live in peace, knowing that the increase in creatinine just a temporary phenomenon.

# 6

can use the popular tool that allows a short time to reduce the creatinine level.We need to take rice cereal (6 tablespoons) and add water.Rice should be left on all night.Early in the morning, rice cereal is boiled and eaten.Next meal should take place two hours later.The course of treatment will continue for one month.All this time, it is desirable to limit the intake of salt.Once the rate of creatinine in the blood return to normal, you can return to a normal diet.However, do not get involved and salted meat products.