Symptoms of poisoning poisonous mushrooms

Symptoms of poisoning poisonous mushrooms
You will need:
  • knowledge about poisonous mushrooms
  • Phone call
  • medical care bed, warmer
  • drinking water, activated carbon
  • calm and restraint
# 1

It is necessary to determine which poisonous mushrooms were eating.When intoxicated poisons pale toadstool, satanic mushroom, many varieties of toadstools, false honey agarics and mushrooms that are edible provisionally recognized (volnushki, mushrooms, blewits, russula) symptomatic picture is always different.But it is possible to isolate three main features common to all poison.They need to know to start competently provide first aid to the victim and not to harm him.

# 2

Almost always the first and the main sign of mushroom poisoning is a strong and sharp pain in the abdomen.The patient is pale, complains of cramps in the abdomen.After mushroom poisoning occurred, symptoms can be the following: diarrhea and vomiting.For example, if it enters the food poison pale toadstool diarrhea may be persistent, indomitable, with signs of blood in

the stool.Irrepressible vomiting fraught with dehydration - is extremely dangerous.

# 3

same symptoms accompanied by strong salivation and hallucinations are characteristic of different types of fly agaric poisoning.It is important to remember that different mushroom poison acts on the human body in different ways, so it is important, first of all, immediately call an ambulance, and before her arrival to help the victim - to take measures to reduce the action of toxins.The most vulnerable mushroom poisons - children and the elderly, in the case of poisoning attention is paid primarily to them.

# 4

first thing you should do in helping the victim - to clean the stomach.But keep in mind: if the victim is unconscious, can not induce vomiting!Finding signs of poisoning poisonous mushrooms, you need to make a person drink one after the other five or six glasses of water (alternative - milk).After that, pressing on the root of a finger or a spoon language, try to provoke vomiting.To poison small children are not able to do it themselves, therefore washing should be able to do the parents.

# 5

procedure can be repeated several times, and finish it taking more (depending on the patient's weight - up to 8) activated charcoal tablets, which absorbs toxins.Coal should be crushed into powder and mixed with water.Copious and constant warm drink is also included in the complex First aid measures affected.The patient must be put to bed, to reduce pain in the stomach area to place a warm heating pad.With the arrival of the doctor must be as detailed as possible to tell which mushrooms were eating, how much, and what method of heat treatment applied.