What is varicose veins ?

What is varicose veins ?
You will need:
  • Attention
  • Observation
  • Decisiveness Patience
# 1

Over a third of the world's population is exposed to various vascular diseases.The most common among them is the varicose veins.This disease is caused by many factors, affects the circulatory system, resulting in deteriorating the elasticity of the veins, broken blood flow, the veins swell and deliver a lot of trouble.

# 2

order to begin early treatment is necessary to diagnose the disease and possibly this does not tighten.It is not difficult to identify the onset of the disease on their own, you only need to know what it looks like varicose veins, some symptoms indicate it.

# 3

As a rule, in the early stages of the disease veins visible changes not only appear the first signs of the disease - after long loads legs start to hurt.Heaviness in the legs does not always speak about varicose veins.This may be a consequence of osteochondrosis and easy fatigue.Check it simply - it is necessary to lie down a little bit

with their feet.

# 4

If the result of this simple leg longer hurt, this is the procedure of the first evidence that your veins are not healthy.In the following may appear visible effects of the disease.There are various descriptions of varicose veins.However, they may have a different view of even one person.

# 5

In some cases thickened veins in general can not be traced, but the pain symptoms are present explicitly, and also the pain becoming more and more frequent.And the epicenter of the pain itself is very difficult to determine.Venous grid begins viewed through the skin.The impression is that the veins are on the surface, they are something like a thin blue threads or bundles.

# 6

Vienna are thick shapeless formation of various shapes, they are very sore and itchy, especially felt in the evening.After even a short rest they "waste", become less swollen, but the next day everything is repeated again and again.