How to varicose veins ?

How to varicose veins ?
You will need:
  • Attention
  • Observation
  • Intuition
  • Calm
# 1

Swelling veins or varicose veins, has ancient roots and only in recent times about him talkingas a serious problem.Like many other diseases, varicose veins much "rejuvenated".If earlier the disease is only concerned about the people of solid age, but now it has become even enough to disturb the young.This is due to many factors, which include lack of exercise or too heavy loads, particularly static.

# 2

For women the cause of varicose veins can be pregnancy and use of hormonal drugs for a long time.How to varicose veins, and it is desirable in the initial stages of the disease, how to avoid its occurrence.Varicose is a rather unpleasant disease, which not only gives a lot of physical pain, but also can spoil the mood, and even a lifetime.

# 3

This applies to the external appearance of the disease.Therefore, if you want to protect yourself, just follow the precautions.Prevention of the disease at an early stage will hel

p to avoid long-term treatment and surgery.Varicose vein symptoms is different, but in the early stages of some things already have to get worry, especially if there is a genetic predisposition for this disease.

# 4

main symptom occurrence of varicose leg fatigue is a part if it concerns them.Here at this stage it would be good to stop and start the treatment.But many people overlook this point, sometimes confusing it with the usual fatigue, low back pain, or flat feet.The next stage of the disease, if the first attempt is cleared, there is a real heaviness in the legs, especially in the evening, and this is accompanied by a swelling of the ankle that says nothing of the venous circulation disorders.

# 5

And it is a bad deal, when due to a violation of elasticity of blood vessels begin to swell the veins, especially in the inner part of the thigh and lower leg, there is a darkening of the skin and unbearable itching.The skin in problem areas becomes flabby and significantly increases the possibility of obtaining its various injuries.