How to distinguish PMS from pregnancy

How to distinguish PMS from pregnancy
You will need:
  • Observation
  • Pregnancy test
# 1

Once a girl or woman to have sexual relations, it starts more anxiously listen to the various manifestations of the organism, constantly monitoringwhether pregnant.If in some circumstances the pregnancy is not desired, then abortion have the time and all will be determined on the day of onset of menses.

# 2

Pregnancy felt not right, because the hormonal changes gradually increases.Yet certainty is important to everyone.The onset of a wanted pregnancy at the first signs of unusual causes a woman to completely change their way of life, it is now necessary to pay special attention to nutrition, lifestyle, try to avoid stressful situations.

# 3

Many women ask how to distinguish PMS from pregnancy, because initial signs are very similar?With regular monthly simple - if there is a delay of a few days, then you buy in a drugstore pregnancy test and check.In the case of irregular menstrual cycles common signs of pregnancy can be observed an

d PMS (premenstrual syndrome).

# 4

example, nausea, heaviness in the lower abdomen, aversion to food, a swelling of the breasts, and even hike to the gynecologist can not always show the accuracy of the diagnosis.And pregnancy, PMS and explained progesterona.Suschestvuyut increase PMS symptoms, allowing to accurately determine the state of the body.The difficulty lies in the conventions of the primary signs of pregnancy.

# 5

This comes from the fact that each human manifestation of the common symptoms may or may not occur.It is believed that upon the occurrence of PMS occur headaches and pain in the lower abdomen.Pregnancy as these signs does not.Acquisition test for pregnancy will help you more accurately determine.In this case, the only blood test hCG levels and ultrasound indicate the reliability of the presence of pregnancy.

# 6

In the case when the body temperature rises, it indicates the presence of PMS, as the pregnancy is accompanied by a slight increase in temperature.Mood swings and anxiety, and depression - indicate the presence of PMS.At the time of pregnancy, ovarian function is completely blocked.The conventionality of signs due to the different reaction of the organism to a specific external influences.