How hurt the pancreas ?symptoms

How hurt the pancreas ?symptoms
You will need:
  • When the first symptoms to see a doctor
  • Do not abuse the greasy food, do not overeat, especially at night
  • not abuse tobacco, alcohol
  • Before arrival of the doctor make a cold compress to the placewhere it hurts
# 1

In today's world of the Internet, most people prefer to be treated by finding information on the Internet.On the one hand this is good because a person learns many new things, including useful.But on the other hand, not a medical professional, the patient can put yourself wrong diagnosis, and then another, and to be treated in their own way, thus making themselves worse.

# 2

Many diseases may have similar symptoms.For example, when the stomach hurts, you can suspect the pancreas and liver hurts when you think it's stomach "naughty".But, nevertheless, the most common disease of pancreas disease considered today.And to help learn how to hurt the pancreas symptoms are.However, the symptoms can be substantially the same in different diseases of the pancreas.

# 3

So what are all the same symptoms of the disease of internal organ: aching, dull pain;a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen;nausea, vomiting;loose or mushy stools;bloating, cramps;acute diarrhea.The most common symptoms may appear after the holidays, when, of course, each person allows himself to eat more than usual, and the food is simple, but fatty, fried, in general, difficult and hazardous.Sometimes the cause of the symptoms of acute pancreatitis can be a severe alcohol poisoning.

# 4

However, there are asymptomatic disease.For example, in the early stages of cancer of the pancreas does not recognize, and sometimes it can even masquerade as other diseases.But if you still want to know how to identify pancreatic cancer, you need to listen to your body, immediately detect any abnormal process in your body.

# 5

Progressive cancer can be identified by the following symptoms: severe fatigue, fatigue;bright and slimy feces;weight loss;yellowing of the whites of the eyes, face and hands due to the secretion of bile.If, after the onset of symptoms of pancreatic diseases at once to not seek medical attention, the consequences can be severe - necrosis can occur, pseudocyst, jaundice, ascites, and many other complications that can even be fatal.