What are the symptoms of tuberculosis in children ?

What are the symptoms of tuberculosis in children ?
You will need:
  • Go FLG
  • Measure the temperature
  • Check Mantoux test
# 1

Today there is no disease, occurring more diverse than tuberculosis.This disease can affect people of any age and can be affected not only the lungs but also the kidneys, lymphatic system, bone, skin, eyes.In some patients the disease begins acutely, as inflammation of the lungs, others - quietly, and found during the examination fluorography.

# 2

Tuberculosis is a fairly common disease, but it is not always detected at an early stage.Even the kids in the hospital is the BCG vaccine for prevention of tuberculosis.The disease begins when the body gets Koch bacillus, usually affects the lungs.

# 3

In case of contact with sick people in contact with the infection in the body the disease can not be immediately apparent, but as soon as will happen weakening of immunity.Bacteria begins to multiply itself, when these conditions are favorable, so the manifestation of the disease may be years after infection.

# 4

consider as manifested tuberculosis in children.Irritability child, weakness, lack of weight gain, the temperature - that is, perhaps, a few signs, when it must be wary parents.In children, swollen lymph nodes, they Mantoux positive (spot size at the injection site more than the norm).

# 5

The disease is caused by the fact that the tubercle bacillus, hitting the child's body, produce toxins that adversely affect the whole body.Mainly in children is a form of pulmonary tuberculosis intoxication.With proper and timely treatment of children quickly recover.Often children can be tuberculosis of the bronchial glands, when the infection is spread in blood, as through the bronchi are rather large blood vessels.

# 6

In order to avoid such a serious disease of many mothers interested in the question, how can a child be infected with tuberculosis, and how to protect your baby from this terrible disease.Infection with tuberculosis in children occurs primarily by direct contact with the patients of the open form.The sputum of patients contains a lot of sticks, which in speaking and coughing fly and can get into the mouth of a healthy child and even an adult.

# 7

patients, which found in the sputum TB germs, known as patients with an active form of the disease.They are dangerous to all categories of people.In the case when the patient coughs tuberculosis and not covered by hand, then ejected mucus accumulates on the floor and furniture, drying and then inhaled by the child with the dust.Even the sick things can contain harmful particles of sputum, so in any case it is necessary to isolate the sick from the healthy.