How to define a broken jaw ?

How to define a broken jaw ?
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  • Jaw human
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  • Hearing
  • Phone
# 1

Unpleasant drop can trap a person at every step, especially if he is engaged in active sports, vacation or just a favorite thing, which is not related to lying on the couch and watching TV.It so happens that in the courtyard you can attack Gopnik, and one hit in the area of ​​the teeth can leave you with a dislocation or fracture of the jaw.Despite its apparent simplicity, a broken jaw can be put on a par with any broken limbs, and with a broken arm if you can still live, then eat with a fractured jaw certainly will not work.

# 2

order just in case, to protect yourself from unpleasant consequences, learn how to identify a broken jaw.Under the fracture must be understood any violation of the integrity of bones, which can result from physical impact.Usually jaw fracture with dislocation of the symptoms are similar, but have very serious health consequences.Pain, bending bite, physical distortion, problems with chewing and excessive

salivation - clear signs of problems.But they may be present and dislocation.

# 3

Statistics show that most of the symptoms of jaw fracture goes unnoticed to the victim, and he did not even realize how serious his problem.That is why doctors recommend immediately seek professional help, do not self-medicate and do not expect that everything will pass by itself.General rules on how to determine the fracture, especially the jaw, does not exist.This means that the most accurate diagnosis can only put an X-ray, which will show the bone structure and reveal the fracture site.

# 4

determine the fracture to the touch and to the eye is not possible.Remember that a broken jaw can be potentially very dangerous to your health.If the bone srastetsya crooked, you can not eat, speak, that very much affect the quality of life.It is best to avoid any fractures to always feel perfectly well.