How to identify and overcome addiction ?

How to identify and overcome addiction ?
# 1

Think about your habits.Is there such a thing, you are paying a large amount of time, while ignoring others and their needs neglected by friends and family?

# 2

If within the first few days, you visited the same idea, it can also indicate that you are dependent on this activity.For example, waking up, you immediately run to the computer to turn it on and connect to the Internet.By the way, in the modern world reliance on the Internet is one of the most common.

# 3

first step to ensure that determine the relationship: be aware that the activities for which you presumably depend takes you a little longer than it should be.Of course, there is nothing wrong in the fact that you give free time to activities you like or your hobby.But if because of this, you overshadow the other important things that would be nice to be done quickly, then it is worthless.Arrange your priorities!

# 4

Rate you reap the fruits of activities, from which you presumably depend.It makes you stronger, smarter o

r healthier?In this case, continue - you're on the right track.The case, which absorbs all your attention, forcing you to pay less attention to family and friends?This hinders the development of normal relations with the people?And is it worth it?Of course not!

# 5

Limit the amount of time that you will spend on this hobby.Try to choose a time interval that is most convenient, and will not prevent you to go about their duties.

# 6

If you have to lie about something related to your passion, then this is a clear signal of urgent serious problem.

# 7

Relax and enjoy life in all its manifold interests and hobbies.If you start to feel that overdoing something, then stop and get yourself together and feel the strength to overcome the addiction.Do not let your mind according to seize!

# 8

Always be on the alert, if you know that you have a tendency to "ceasing" for some activity.This feature of your character, most likely, will not leave you alone for a lifetime.