Advice on how to improve self-esteem and self-confidence ?

Advice on how to improve self-esteem and self-confidence ?
You will need:
  • learn to love yourself
  • not give yourself a pejorative characteristics
  • not blame themselves for past mistakes
  • able to choose
  • environment to learn to be useful to other people
  • make a list of your positive qualities
# 1

confident person, it seems, is always accompanied by good luck.His optimism and lack of doubt in their abilities infect others faith in a positive outcome of any case in which he is involved.On the other hand - the one with low self-esteem, will catch the fate of some "punches".But if he has a chance to change something in their favor?How to find important for success in the quality of life?

# 2

Psychologists often give advice on how to improve self-esteem.As a rule, they all boil down to the following: first of all, need to learn to love yourself.If a person does not recognize himself as you are, with all the "guts" if he is not sure of its own values ​​- how to convince others, who have to live and work side by side?First of all, you need to stop

giving yourself derogatory characteristics, calling himself "a fool", "sad sack", "idiot", and so on. N.

# 3

Do not engage in self-incrimination in the past mistakes.For example, if at the time did not help advice on how to keep the family together, and it still broke.Consider what happened to blame only himself - not always objectively and to anything in the end will not.Past does not change.We need to go further.Err able to all people.And everything that happens, gives a valuable experience that can teach something useful.For example - do not repeat their missteps in the future.

# 4

ability to give yourself adequate assessment better than any advice on how to become rich.Indeed, in this case, a person can truly be enriched spiritually.One should try to soberly assess their strengths and personal psychology experts often recommend not confident person make a list of positive features of his character - and more to look at him.You also need to set goals - both global and intermediate - and praise themselves for their achievement.

# 5

Another recommendation - to help people, to love them and to surround himself with those who appreciate and love.(Then do not need to be, for example, advice on how to bring back his wife, - and so it will be there and support in all your endeavors.) Confidence in the self-importance and usefulness to others, of course, enhances self-esteem.And stop at the already achieved is not necessary - it is necessary to look for new opportunities to improve their skills.

# 6

So, there are many useful books on practical psychology, where you can find tips on how to become better.It is necessary to read them and implement appropriate in a particular situation.And most importantly - do not change yourself, do not be afraid to take the initiative to express their opinion.Other people - not ideal, and their assessment is not a priori truth.Because it is not necessary to seek to please them at all costs.To live it is necessary so to realize their personal potential.