How to learn quickly hypnosis ?

How to learn quickly hypnosis ?
You will need:
  • sheet of paper with a black circle in the middle
  • shiny objects
  • Candle
  • relaxing ambiance
# 1

Those who wish to know how to learn hypnosis, you shouldto begin to master the art production hypnotic gaze.If you look into the eyes of a person engaged in it professionally, it is immediately evident contrast to the view of ordinary people.In such eyes can not look for a long time, they suppress and instill fear and respect.Learn this easy, there are a lot of different ways.For example, exercise with a sheet of paper and painted it black circle in the form of coins, or focus on the candle flame.After regular classes for a month - two people notice how changes the reaction of others to his gaze.After hypnotic developed view can be practiced on volunteers in the introduction in trans.

# 2

There are several most common ways to do it better.To perform the first need an appropriate entourage: a cozy relaxed atmosphere, subdued lighting, unobtrusive music, a comfortable sofa or

bed.The man who needs to be put into a hypnotic trance, take a comfortable position and relax.It is necessary to bring it to his eyes (a little above their level) open hand and ask to look at its center.It should advise hypnotized turn off all extraneous thoughts, focusing exclusively on this point.Hypnotist mentally send energy flows into the palm, trying to give it to the man.Usually, a long eye strain causes a desire to close my eyelids sleep.At this point, you need to start immediately the suggestion, using the traditional phrase, or an invoice from one to ten.

# 3

For those who wish to know how to learn hypnosis, there is another way.You will need a small shiny object, for example, the pendulum pendant, bead and so on.It should be placed in the area of ​​human nose, which you must enter into a trance.In addition, he will be looking to this point, and the glare cast by the subject, will help to quickly enter into a hypnotic trance.The third method is commonly used in mass hypnosis.To do this, you need to call a volunteer from the audience, apply it fast and accurate blow to the nape of the neck area, and then tighten the chin.Immersing a person in a state of stupor, the hypnotist should pronounce the traditional phrase: "You go to sleep.Plunges into a deep sleep. "Thus, learning hypnosis is not difficult, and, if desired, it can make one.