How to overcome fear of the fight : the instinct of self-preservation

How to overcome fear of the fight : the instinct of self-preservation
You will need:
  • Autosuggestion
  • Confidence
# 1

man from other living beings is different in that it has the ability to control their own mental processes.After all, with the birth of a child is gradually taught to manage their own care.While at the same time, unfortunately, no one teaches the basics of personal emotion management.Otherwise the fear is quite possible it would be to avoid waiting for a fight, if we use such technology as self-hypnosis.

# 2

Thus, if we talk about how to overcome the fear of the fight, it is worth noting that the original each person must deal with it just by yourself, although expert help with this still does not hurt.A striking example of bootstrapping are considered ritual suicide of the Japanese.Basically, this action consists of a pretty long process aimed at psychological self-study.Most often, such a state of fear or the sudden appearance of anxiety in humans and may be accompanied by such a sign as insomnia.

# 3

In principle, such questions a

s: What is anxiety and fear to get rid of these sensations and much more - is the basic list of issues of most modern people.It should be noted that as a treatment perfect application of relaxing baths.The warm water can be added at the same time as a baking soda and a variety of grasses.The procedure for the duration of the less takes about 15 minutes.In addition, in such situations, you can still drink orange juice.After all, it is a product with a small amount of honey perfectly helps with heart palpitations and the presence of anxiety.Also alternative is to use meditation.

# 4

If we talk directly about how to cope with fear, the original is to find out where I came from that feeling.If it appears from the very childhood, you need to how to deal with it quickly.In such a situation it is not recommended to completely cover the eye.In addition, if a person is afraid of occurrence of a particular event, it is quite possible that he just simply exaggerating its scale.At this point, you need to calmly think about it, to understand whether there are really at least some real reasons to worry.Using a sheet of paper, you can try to write a variety of arguments about the fear that will make it possible to clearly see what they are really small.

# 5

In addition, there may be a fear just before the fight, a person may fear and other upcoming events.It is therefore not surprising that many people are interested in answer to another question: how to overcome the fear of driving?After all, this problem today is not uncommon.When a person sits down for the first time behind the wheel, it is likely it may be feeling a lack of confidence.If all of a sudden it happened, it is recommended as soon as possible to mentally imagine what to do in case of an unforeseen accident.Therefore any further actions in any case must always be well rehearsed.In addition, before go on the road, the car should be completely checked for serviceability of all the details.

# 6

Thus, whatever the cause of uncertainty or fear, in any case, each person can get rid of it on its own.