Self- hypnosis training

Self- hypnosis training
You will need:
  • relaxing ambiance
  • shiny object
  • candle
  • good degree of suggestibility
# 1

Hypnosis - a special kind of impact on the human psyche, in which he is immersed intrance and ready to accept those settings that will give him a hypnotist.For those who want to learn hypnosis training can be built and by the classical scheme.Unlike some other methods of hypnosis, the classical hypnotist dominates.He gives commands and orders, the patient is helpless and totally open to exposure.Sometimes this leads to abuse their influence unscrupulous hypnotists.After all, in a state of trance you can inspire anything.Fortunately, this kind of hypnosis is not amenable to all.There are several ways how to enter a trance.

# 2

In general, the most common classical scheme.In the office, or any other convenient place creates a favorable environment: dim lights, soft music (preferably at the same time ask the patient what kind of music influences relaxing on him), looks very hypnotist should have.

There is no harm for the hypnotist to work on the elaboration of a special magnetic gaze.To enter patient in trans, can be used for fixing any subject.For example, this may be a mirror, a pendulum, a button, a candle flame, and so on.It is best to place the subject in the nose area.In parallel, the hypnotist can say the smooth and quiet voice phrases to promote early immersion in a trance.Effective are the words of the relaxation of certain parts of the body, a feeling of warmth or heat, about focusing on specific details or thoughts, and the like.

# 3

Those who mastered hypnosis training can start with the fact that consider texts in advance.It is important that the hypnotist it flowed quietly, without interruption.The fact that the man fell into a trance, according to certain physiological responses.He can twitch muscle or limb.Sometimes, on the contrary, complete stillness, one becomes like a stone.A person acquires a pinkish hue.If the eyes are open, though opinion is directed at nothing, he neosmyslen.Palm vlazhneyut.The muscles of the face are relaxed and seem to float.If a person is immersed in a trance, lift the leg or arm, it will remain in the same position.When it becomes clear that the goal is achieved, you can start the necessary installations.For example, if a person came to the problem of quitting smoking or drinking alcohol, it is possible to instill an aversion to these things.In this state, the human brain is able to resist not, it will take the suggestion as a guide to action.