How to avoid quarrels with loved ones for nothing ?

How to avoid quarrels with loved ones for nothing ?
You will need:
  • Understanding partner
  • Love
  • desire to find a compromise
# 1

in any pair, in any relationship there are always conflicts.Someone more, someone less.Someone swears, as they say "rarely, but neatly," while others are satisfied with the scandal over every trifle.Any person, even a lonely and do not have the second half, you must learn not to swear on trifles.Then, and then the relationship will be stronger, and love is stronger and more whole nerves.So how to avoid quarrels with your loved one is not possible, we must first learn to understand it and find a common language with him.

# 2

When you can imagine yourself in his place and experience all that it feels it has a good quality.After all, even with different interests and tastes, you can go to him to make concessions, he realized that, in this situation, I would like him to do so.Young people, not to torture yourself wondering how to return the girl after an argument, you need to try a little bit to understand the p

sychology of women and learn to avoid scandals and solve all issues peacefully.Due to this it will retain not only its nerve cells, but also their own.So look for cost articles on this topic or to talk with a psychologist who can give good advice.

# 3

Many couples in which conflicts are constantly taking place, saying: "How to live without quarrels Just bored?".Yes, absolutely without quarrels relationship fade, but too much - too bad.They say they are likely not due to the fact that they are discharged.And not because of the fact that so splash out the negative emotions, accumulated during the day, on top of each other and thank each other for such "discharge".They just do not know how to prevent a quarrel.How to solve a problem with a normal and quiet conversation.But in fact this is no big deal.Just at the time of this conversation, you can not: Go to the personality.This is the most common mistake.People tolerate, and an insult to the word spoken in anger remains.Raise your voice.It also happens very often.

# 4

People in the heat of an argument rather than to listen to the claims and arguments of the second hand, begin to interrupt, of course, raising his voice and trying to shout down an opponent.Then they both think, "How to restore relations after a row I think we will never be able to forgive each other means that we have to leave?.."As a result, the pair, which might have a bright future splits.People stopped to talk, begin another relationship, which subsequently also collapse due to the fact that they have not learned from their mistakes.In any conflict, with any disagreements can and should look for a solution that is more or less satisfied with both.And you need not think about yourself first, and a loved one and that there is a risk of losing it forever.