How is the social rehabilitation of drug addicts ?

You will need:
  • psychologist
  • Family psychologist
  • psychiatrist
  • Call therapist
  • Consultant chemical dependency
  • Group therapy
# 1

First of all, social rehabilitation allowsa person learn how to live life to the fullest and enjoy it, without resorting to the help of drugs.According to statistics, 97% of drug addicts successfully going through a difficult process of "breaking" and the subsequent stages of rehabilitation only due to stay in a specialized center.Treatment must necessarily be comprehensive, individual and voluntary.the rehabilitation process itself consists of three main stages, namely detoxification, rehabilitation and postreabilitatsionnuyu program.

# 2

Once purified human body, social rehabilitation begins.It lasts from 3 to 9 months.At this time the patient is in the center, in isolation from the temptations (telephone conversations, alcohol, drugs, sex).At this time, he communicates only with experts and other patients get rid of the addiction.In addition to group

therapy in the rehabilitation of former drug addicts engaged individually with a psychologist, family psychologist, consultants, chemical dependency, Call a physician, psychiatrist.

# 3

functions of social rehabilitation - to return to normal human, to revive his love for life, to help formulate goals and show the way for their implementation.At the rehabilitation center for the first time an addict gets detailed information about the disease, begins to communicate, make friends, mourn and rejoice together with others, to empathize with them.His first not accuse without tramping in the mud, and treated as a person who just need support.And have it.

# 4

A clear mode of the day, proper nutrition and exercise allow to normalize the body.In the process of rehabilitation psychologists we are trying to take into account all the individual characteristics of the patient, his aspirations and inclinations, talents, and weaknesses.Specialists help to overcome cravings for narcotic substances at the psychological level, set goals, dream, see the options for achieving them.After leaving the rehabilitation center patient for a few months should regularly visit a psychologist (3 times a week) and group therapy.Everyone deserves a second chance, and social rehabilitation of drug addicts and lets you feel it start "from scratch".