How to respond to her husband's abuse : psychological advice

How to respond to her husband
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# 1

Sometimes during quarrels husband in a fit of anger abuse their wives.Very often they are abused wife who provoke their husbands or husbands who have a very short temper.Sometimes the slightest "spark" a man may explode.Woman has always been considered wiser than men.So before you bring the matter to a quarrel, you need to consider all possible options for the outcome of this conflict and decide for yourself: do you need?Many in the relations between the spouses is dependent on the behavior and attitudes of women.

# 2

But if you can not avoid conflict, and the husband insulted, how to respond to her husband's insults?Firstly, do not stoop to his level and to respond to insults with insults.To this must be treated with indifference, because sometimes the husband offends not on purpose, and then long to regret it.But if you succumb to abuse, you can get a hedgehog longer angry remarks in his address.Then a quarrel already precisely escalate

into conflict.In the course of an argument is important to know how to forgive an insult.Otherwise these hurtful words will poison the rest of his life.It's not worth it.

# 3

should always remain calm and do not lose your temper.To pretend that the insults do not affect in any way.After all, sometimes at the sight of her husband that his wife indifferent to his insults, he quickly calms down.But sometimes delay does not help.By then it is to respond to an insult, but not a return offensive manner.You can think about how to respond to the witty insult.Then the husband is at a loss and can no longer something to come up with an answer.If you answer with humor, the quarrel may pass by itself.For example, you can write down what the husband says to the phone, and use some interesting sound processing.

# 4

How to politely respond to an insult, when emotions rod over the edge?It should be easy to tell her husband that he was wrong and rude behaves.It will put the husband in some confusion.A woman is not stoop to his level.Sometimes women just can not forgive the insult, and his head they begin to emerge as the plans to avenge the insult.But by this time the husband already forgotten about the quarrel, the woman continues to bear all revenge.Thus the behavior of a woman harms only himself, and not her husband.You just need to learn to forgive each other.