How to overcome the modesty ?

How to overcome the modesty ?
You will need:
  • Value "modesty" in modern society
  • communication difficulties
  • modesty overcoming Tips
  • Adoption of yourself as there
# 1

In today's societysuch quality as modesty, less valued.If for a long time it was thought that every woman should be modest - a quality equated to politeness and chastity, now life dictates new values.Modest person is very difficult to achieve a certain tops in career or in the private sphere, as it very often does not behave decisively and afraid to express their opinions and emotions.

# 2

How to overcome the modesty and become more confident, interested, both teenagers and already adults.Suggestible child with childhood behavioral model "to behave modestly and not stick out" as a result leads to the fact that the school community it is difficult to come into contact with peers, he hesitates to express their views and hardly enters into a dialogue.And this fear often accompanies a person and on, and in the work community, he can not gain the respe

ct of staff and management, not being able to correctly "present" themselves and their knowledge.

# 3

Professional psychologists give some advice on how to get rid of modesty guy or girl.First, you must determine the cause of his modesty.whether it lies in the fact that a person is afraid of being misunderstood or mocked by others, or the lack of knowledge in a particular area.It is actually difficult to maintain communication and to express their opinion as to what is absolutely meaningless.However, it is not necessary to understand all aspects of life, to be able to maintain a conversation, enough to learn at ease and confident in dealing with outsiders.Second, thinking about how to get rid of modesty, you can use the recommendation of experts to prepare for the upcoming conversation.Will it be a speech before a large audience, going to the authorities with a request to raise the salary or recognition of their feelings - rehearsed speech help to keep a dignified and timid glance from a stranger.Third, become more confident often helps to change the image, a new hairstyle or clothes by which, as it seems, the image in the eyes of others is getting better.

# 4

Using these simple tips on how to kill a modesty, any girl or boy can become more sociable, open and successful person.After all, learning to love and accept yourself human present a clear awareness of its strengths, which can be beneficial to teach others.Positive quality or expertise - it is important to find its advantages, and then the problem of how to overcome the modesty to remain far in the past.And the ability to accept failure and learn from failures lesson for the future will allow to accumulate enough experience to solve problems and skillfully use it later in life.