How to melt the heart of the ill person ?

How to melt the heart of the ill person ?
You will need:
  • Love
  • Patience
  • Attention
# 1

Many had the idea of ​​men, that they may not be any romantic feelings.However, this is very misleading, it is also not alien romance, just do not like to talk about it.However, the needs and perceptions differ in men and women.If you know a man well enough, you can easily find a way to win the heart of a man.

# 2

There are many ways to approach the man's heart.It is sure to be irresistible, sexy.This will attract his attention.Be sure to tactile sensation.As often as possible it is necessary to deal with a man, you want to privlech.Komplimenty stronger sex love is not less than women.In no case do not need to restrict freedom.It is necessary to respect its interests and hobbies.

# 3

If your man is in the sign of Aquarius, you need to make enough effort for its conquest.This man is interested in everything new and unexplored, it is a test in the shower.Before you need to win the heart of Aquarius little prepared that would be interes

ting enough for such a man.Meet and make conversation easily, but it is better to do it in a friendly company.

# 4

How to melt a woman's heart?To do this, men need to: be attentive, generous enough to pay compliments, be able to listen.If the conquest process was quite successful and the decision to be taken together, the next step may be asked to hand and heart.

# 5

There are a lot of options, how to ask for her hand and heart.There are more commonplace approach, where the groom gets down on one knee with a ring in his hand asking hands.In the case where the imagination and money allow, you can do that - something original.

# 6

But there are different situations, and comes a time when you need to leave.Whatever the situation nebyli, are only one - the need for separation.And not to dwell on past relationships, you must leave it in the past.There are several options how to let go of the human heart.But the most important thing is to take a firm decision that you let go and his pain and human.