How stress affects health: expert opinion

How stress affects health: expert opinion
You will need:
  • Self
  • Overconfidence
  • Autosuggestion
  • spoken consequences
  • Understanding problems
# 1

Often it is the stress becomes a major cause of many diseases in the human body.Its impact is most unexpected consequences and a negative impact on the functioning of vital organs and systems.To avoid potential health problems, it is advisable to know exactly how stress affects human health?

# 2

First of all, stress is directly related to a chronic lack of sleep as a patient in a state of extreme emotional turmoil begins insomnia, significantly impair the quality of his life.Increased sleepiness also makes it inattentive, which could then adversely affect health.Before taking off the stress at work, it is important to understand the reason for its occurrence and mentally relax.

# 3

So, emotional stress disrupts the normal operation of the digestive system, because such a difficult life span of people either do not eat or consume huge portions of its non-stop.As a result of mal

nutrition, there is a complete depletion of vital resources, and in the case of obesity overeating is not excluded any degree.So, anyway, this problem already requires urgent medical intervention and treatment.

# 4

Stress negatively affects attention and memory, which prevents the normal work and study.It is safe to say that emotional stress is directly related with the performance, because in these moments there is fatigue, distraction, lack of initiative, apathy and increased sleepiness.That is why it is crucial to know how to get out of their own stress.

# 5

regularly recurring stressful situations are destroying the human immune system, making it vulnerable to pathogenic viruses, pathogenic bacteria and intractable infections.Also at the time of acute emotional stress reaction to changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure.However, as it would be useful information about how stress affects the heart.

# 6

all cardiovascular disease is just exacerbated by stressful situations, at the same time it gives the patient a lot of pain and full of discomfort.In such cases, there are bouts of tachycardia and arrhythmia, jumps and falls in blood pressure, severe headaches, dizziness and fainting, and are not excluded and myocardial infarction.So the "cores" is best avoided any emotional shocks or just take yourself in hand and find an answer to the question of how to manage stress.