How can I restore vision ?

How can I restore vision ?
You will need:
  • Conclusion ophthalmologist
  • great desire to preserve vision
  • set of exercises for the eyes
  • Table for check of
  • little free time
# 1

Any violationvisual function there is a natural desire to heal your eyes.The choice is of two options: either it is the methods of conventional medicine, or alternative techniques.Unfortunately, some problems can only be solved with surgical intervention.But there are some diseases in which you can do without costly surgery.Complex development activities perfectly cope with short-sightedness, astigmatism, strabismus and farsightedness and affordable form of talk about how to restore vision.Therefore, first of all, we make a visit to the ophthalmologist and obtain information about the real state of the eye.

# 2

Identifying the causes (long pastime at the computer, television, stress, etc.), which could lead to a deterioration of visual function.This is necessary in order to, if possible, to eliminate or alleviate some of them.We analyz

e the "pros" and "cons" of alternative treatment.The latter include the cost of time, the need for self-discipline and regularity in the classroom.As for the advantages of exercises for the eyes, they are in availability (does not require any financial investments or specialized equipment) and high efficiency at the early stages of training.Moreover, in addition to improving vision and even health - both physical and emotional.

# 3

forming a complex training as techniques on how you can restore sight, there are many.We fill the content of gymnastics to the eye so that it was attended by members of almost all kinds of exercises.With oculomotor technique strengthens the eye muscles and relax them under the influence of heat from the hands - palming.Employment by central fixation de-energized the entire psyche, which is one of the main causes of reduced vision.retinal blood supply is activated by solarization (stimulation of sunlight) eyes.

# 4

important to remember that incorrectly chosen complex is capable to nullify all the efforts and time expenses.For this reason, be sure to consult an ophthalmologist.Or, if available, set personal contact (online or otherwise) with the developer of the methodology and obtain professional advice.Set aside time to practice.For consecutive sessions is to be a period in which would not have to be distracted by something extraneous.At the same time, there are exercises that are available for execution in any free minute - most importantly, do not forget about it.

# 5

We buy a table for an eye examination.It can be easily found on the Internet, download and print.This will verify the results of studies without having to visit a doctor.Connecting the overall training to improve the circulation of the brain and spinal cord blood.This is a required point in the cycle of sessions to restore visual function, as without this exercise for the eyes will not bring any result.Only a comprehensive and regular approach will allow for a relatively short time, improve vision, and then completely get rid of the disease.