Advice on how to keep the family together after infidelity ?

Advice on how to keep the family together after infidelity ?
You will need:
  • Discretion
  • Patience
  • ability to remain silent
  • Love
  • ability to take himself in hand
  • great desire
# 1

Treason - a serious test,which can survive, not every family.Some immediately file for divorce, but others live a long time with a sense of the treacherous betrayal.Maybe you should not shoot from the hip, and it is better to try to keep the family together, forever deleting this unfortunate incident from her memory?Of course, tips on how to keep the family may be the most unexpected, but realize they will not be easy.

# 2

First of all, the aggrieved party must take himself in hand and a little cool without taking the time rage, aggression and insults are no global solutions.It is best to ask the apostate "does not appear in the eyes" for a few days, and during this time, you can adapt to the situation, and even try to find an honorable way out of it.

# 3

When passion poutihnut should decide for yourself what to do next.Of course, a divorce, it is always pos

sible;but forgive apostate can not every.And, nevertheless, we must try to do this, to give his family a second chance, because in some cases, saying "leftist strengthens marriage" really works.Also it does not hurt to explore tips on how to become rich.

# 4

Many women start to blame the man for his betrayal even after the armistice;but what can I say, they remember the man's mistake until old age, it does not miss an opportunity to pin and offended again.It should not do it, because this forgiveness with reproaches and squabbles do not strengthen the family, and finally destroy it.

# 5

In addition to her husband, and need advice on how to bring back his wife after his betrayal.For a woman to be a real surprise changes in the behavior of the wife, as he in gratitude for the forgiveness arrange a second honeymoon with valuable gifts, passionate declarations and armfuls of roses.If the offended woman behave wisely, such a romantic spirit men can be tightened and for several years, breathing life into the family element of novelty and ardor feelings.

# 6

apostate also need good advice, how to be the best for the beloved.So, you can survive treason only when man realizes his mistake and tries to fix it, and the woman gives him a chance to prove himself with the best hand and blames for the recent gaffe.The only way to strengthen a marriage, which by negligence "cracked".

# 7

often guilty of adultery both husband and wife, so do not blame one.It is important to understand the situation, talk on the souls and for all forget about this unpleasant incident.Sometimes women need advice on how to improve self-esteem after a legal spouse infidelity.