How to improve eyesight folk remedies ?

How to improve eyesight folk remedies ?
You will need:
  • 100-150 g of wheat grains (1 serving)
  • capacity for soaking (not aluminum)
  • little water
  • Mincer
  • Milk, honey, butter
# 1

Experts believe that if every day to eat sprouted wheat grains, that vision will recover quickly.How to improve eyesight folk remedies will tell our ancient way.One day before use must be thoroughly rinsed wheat.Better to do it several times.When draining water from the ceramic or enameled capacity for the last time, you need to leave it in such an amount that it does not cover the grain up to the top, but it was at the level of the last layer of grains.This moisture will be sufficient for germination germs.

# 2

capacity with the washed wheat is left in a warm place.In this case reasonably normal room temperature.Do not leave the wheat next to a radiator.Water evaporates quickly and simply withered wheat.It would be better if you close the container, dry with a paper towel, which will save the contents of the draft and getting small debris.

# 3

A day should be washed under running water wheat again.Its sprouts will already be up to 1 mm, so this should be done cautiously.After promoet well as wheat, it should scroll in a meat grinder.As a result, you get porridge, rich with many useful elements for the eyes.

# 4

resulting mass pour boiling water or hot milk.In this mess, you can add butter or honey.It is not necessary to bring the porridge from sprouted wheat to a boil, otherwise the slider all substances lose their properties.It must be easy to cool to a temperature necessary to you, and then consume the porridge to eat.The improvement of people's means safe enough and is very useful for the entire body, not just for the eyes.In the treatment of cereal grain germs, it is sure to reduce the consumption of flour products.Porridge can be stored in the refrigerator, but no more than three days.However, it will cook better each time fresh.