How to improve eyesight without glasses ?

How to improve eyesight without glasses ?
You will need:
  • Quiet situation
  • Solitude
  • ability to relax
  • solid solution to improve their health
# 1

To start with, strangely enough, it is necessary only to learn to relaxbecause in many cases, vision deteriorates because of the constant tension in the muscles, especially the muscles of the back, shoulders and neck.The latter causes a lack of blood supply to the visual system and, as a result, failures in its work.Therefore, wishing to improve their eyesight should get used to relax not only the periocular muscles, but also the entire body as a whole.

# 2

Also excessive load on the muscles of the body, vision problems can be caused by infectious diseases, such as rheumatic fever and tonsillitis.Made a firm decision to see the world more clearly, it makes sense to start with a comprehensive survey of the whole organism.Of course, important and consultation experienced doctor.It is possible that, after the treatment of the disease provoked by the problem, look for the answer to th

e question of how to improve eyesight without glasses is no longer needed.

# 3

If blurred vision still caused by overwork periocular muscles, is to pick specific exercises for them.One of the most popular is palming, reborn from the Indian and Chinese practices William Bates.Its essence is that the friction heated (and in extreme heat, on the contrary, cooled in water) palm superimposed on the cup-shaped curved periocular area so that they do not penetrate through no light.If hands folded correctly, the joints of the first phalanx of little fingers crossed on a bridge at an angle of 90 °, and fingers - on the forehead.Hands do not touch the eyes, the neck is aligned with the spine.Short palming takes an average of 10-15 minutes.To advise him to handle many experts who have studied the improvement in vision without glasses.

# 4

prepare muscles for palming help the so-called "relaxation corners".This exercise will make sitting at the table and placing the elbow of one hand in front of him so that his forearm was upright and elongated finger was before my eyes, exactly in the center.head gently rotated for maximum muscle relaxation from side to side, and a little unfocused gaze directed straight ahead.

# 5

If everything is done correctly, the finger should "swim" - this will reduce unnecessary eye fixation on the object characteristic of many diseases.Do not expect instant results, as the restoration of vision - a long-term process.But if you show persistence, the cure is quite real.And, of course, necessary.