retinal eye burns

retinal eye burns
You will need:
  • burn varieties spoken
  • proper description of feelings
  • Patience
# 1

Depending on whether as a result of the impact has been made that in the eye, burns may differ.For example, the chemical, in the case of falling on the retina alkali or acid.There may be thermal, radiation or a combination thereof.In the latter case we are talking about the impact of several components.What happens to the eye at a burn?It affects the skin of eyelids and eye components.Under the action of a harmful substance gets slimy, and the iris, cornea, lens, retina, ciliary body.Often it burns affects not only the eye, but also other parts of the body, face and hands.

# 2

And of course, various retinal burn the eyes, symptoms suggests different.For example, the laser radiation causes a sharp pain head, tears appear once, and so-called "fly".Because the laser beam, wherein high energy held in the eye, causing necrosis.These fabrics are separated from the retina and choroid, swim in the eye, creati

ng an effect.If we are talking about the sunburn, its manifestation can be seen only after a couple of hours.Symptoms: blurred vision, eye in the presence of small yellow, with a green edge spots.Violated and pigmentary mottling while.Some torn tissue.

# 3

Ultraviolet radiation can also hurt your eye.Typically, symptoms appear within a few hours.First of all, there is photophobia, blepharospasm.Tears often flow, and there is a feeling that in my eye for a foreign body.Depending on the severity of damage, pain sensation may vary.For example, when mild burns a person feels hindrance in the eye, tears are allocated and there is irritation.Differ eyes burn symptoms with a greater degree of defeat.In this case, there is a crazy pain, severe photophobia.The cornea can occur with erosion areas.

# 4

symptoms are not immediate, which is especially painful.It's a sharp pain, a burning sensation.When these symptoms should immediately seek medical attention.Unfortunately, they often begin to appear only in the evening.But even in this case, to postpone the visit is not necessary.In the morning it is necessary to go to the reception.But before that can soothe the pain with the help of painkillers.Often it hurts the eyes to look at the light.In this case, zaveste curtains in the room, do blindfolded.Under certain burns also apply special ointments.