How to train your sight?

How to train your sight?
You will need:
  • Consultation with ophthalmologist
  • Desire ulushit their vision
  • Patience and perseverance
  • Guide
# 1

local clinic.Complete examination by an ophthalmologist.As a result, you will receive detailed information on each eye.Carefully record the inspection results and the advice of a doctor.

# 2

psychological moment.You decide how much you matter to improve their vision.If so, you need to have patience, patience.It is important to understand that your eyesight gradually deteriorated over the years.And restore it for a day or a month you will not work.On sight restoration will take time.A lot of time.Therefore, adjust themselves to the duration of recovery procedures.

# 3

Our enemies and allies.The main prepyatstviemi toward the goal are too lazy and self-pity.Our allies - the commitment and belief that we will overcome all the obstacles, faith in yourself.Choosing an exercise program.Depending on the doctor's diagnosis of the course "How to train the vision" choose t

he right for you.If in doubt, consult a physician.

# 4

Korektirovka personal schedule.It is necessary to reconsider the working day and to distinguish it from 30 minutes to 1 hour to the exercises of rehabilitation.Relaxation and detachment.Before starting the exercise completely relax.Try nothing to think about.Step back from all the pressing problems.So you dramatically increase the efficiency of the exercises and zoom in substantially term recovery.

# 5

Gentle massage.From this point you start training view.Close your eyes and forefinger in a circular motion massage the eyelids.First clockwise, then counterclockwise.On the whole exercise 1 minute, it will reduce eyestrain and fatigue.Massage eyeballs.The position - sitting.For the complete relaxation of the eye muscles, close your eyes for 2 minutes.Then momentarily (within 1-3 seconds), to gently press on the eyeballs with three fingers of each hand.The degree of pressing is controlled by pain.The exercise is performed 4-5 times.It improves the circulation of intraocular fluid and blood.

# 6

Focus.Attach a transparent adhesive tape on a window pane coin.Sit at a distance of 30-40 cm from the coins.Focus your eyes on the coin for about 15-20 seconds.Then, without changing the direction of gaze, focus on any object in the distance.After 15-20 seconds, focus again on the coin.Exercise takes 10-15 minutes.You can start with 2 of exercise a day, and gradually increase their number to 7.