Why watery eyes in humans ?

Why watery eyes in humans ?
You will need:
  • Identify possible causes tearing
  • Avoid vitamin deficiencies
  • To leave on time with the computer
  • monitor healthy and long sleep
# 1

reasons watery eyes fairly largeset, if a person did not realize about any of them, you should exclude them in order, starting with the most common.As practice shows, the majority of people suffering from uncontrollable watery eyes, pays little attention to rest with your eyes closed, to put it simply - a dream.In this case, the eyes too tired, and the discharged liquid has a protective reaction of the body in an effort to protect them from dryness.Only one conclusion - not to watch TV the night before, giving this time sleep in complete darkness.

# 2

Another reason may lie in the eye disease.For example, conjunctivitis.This is quite a dangerous disease, accompanied by a strong reddening of proteins.If there is the slightest suspicion of it, it is better to consult a doctor immediately.If your eyes are watering, the reasons may be the w

rong way of life, namely in large numbers pastime at the computer, TV or any other monitor.If renounce finding near impossible things, for example, work is in constant circulation to your laptop, you will need to organize communication with him.The eyes should be at least 30 cm, room lighting should not hit directly in the eye, but to be bright.Every 15 minutes should break away from the monitor and look at things pleasing shades and colorful graphics: fresh flowers or a picture outside the window.

# 3

Another reason why watery eyes in humans is a lack of vitamin B2 or potassium.Manifested insufficient data vitamins in people often use a strong coffee and tea, products with high content of salt, as well as diuretic and hypnotic drugs.Symptoms, in addition to tearing is cramping, burning eyes in bright light, the cracks in the corners of the mouth, fatigue, constant sleepiness.

# 4

Many women unexpected tears may result from the use of poor-quality cosmetics.Especially easy to eliminate such a cause, if in the recent time has acquired a new mascara or other means to the eye.Or have passed the expiry date of cosmetics.Some foods can cause allergies, which is expressed in constant tearfulness eyes.It is worth remembering, if not used these days something unusual from the products of poor quality, or perhaps overdue.