How to live without quarrels : the views of psychologists disagree

How to live without quarrels : the views of psychologists disagree
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# 1

People are not robots, and of course each has its own character, emotions, opinions, etc. Especially for quarrels great..a bunch of.Someone perceives quarrel easily and tries not to take them to heart, and who is going through something very much about the quarrel.People swear at home, at work, on the street, in transportation ... From the outside it looks awful, especially when there is a quarrel between the closest people.Probably every person in my life wondering how to live without quarrels?Of course, a certain answer to this question is no, but you can learn a few critical moments in smooth relations.For example, when it seems that the other person is wrong, do not immediately (so to speak "on the forehead") to talk to him about it.Better a few pausing the conversation (this is necessary in order to cool the ardor), to try to prove (using neosparimyh facts) their case.

# 2

So as an argument does not cause positive emotions, every man as much as p

ossible trying to avoid it.Try to understand how to prevent the quarrel?At the beginning of an argument, you can just walk away from the unpleasant conversation.Elementary stop quarreling.So to say the silence-gold!To the interlocutor all finally realized just have to say: - "I want to stay at the opinion."This phrase is somewhat discouraging, and the fuse quarrels usually disappears.You can still try to prevent or stop the quarrel elementary humor.It is not every man knows, but the humor acts as a means of stopping smoothly!Not for nothing they say that laughter prolongs life.

# 3

But vsyo still quarrel sometimes occur, and some of them do not get to avoid.When vsyo relationship still flawed, people think how to rebuild relations after a row?Of course, everyone does not want to make concessions, believing that by doing so he shows his weakness or right.And if you look on the other side, for this act, as a first approach and to start a conversation, you can see the love, devotion, forgiveness, wisdom.It seems that everyone who did not dare to come up first after a quarrel, will think about why he did not do it and just do not talk in a relaxed atmosphere.

# 4

Sometimes quarrels occur in relationships people loving each other.It is very important not to give petty quarrel escalate into a major scandal.So, in the future it will be very difficult to restore relations and usually stone heart remains with each partner.As a rule, in a loving pair of woman is different from man's gentleness and loyalty.And she tries to find an answer to the question of how to avoid quarrels with loved ones?To start, try to learn to respect the opinion of a loved one and try to find the right approach to it.If the beloved short-tempered with him must learn to gently lead the conversation.If your favorite stubborn, to agree with him, remaining unconvinced.If the favorite calm, quarrels usually should not be.

# 5

Young people who are just starting to build a relationship, is very experienced at loggerheads.After breaking it apart, and suffering on all sides.The young man begins to think how to get the girl after quarrel.Girls being impressionable, so you first need to send her a letter with a declaration of love, it is also possible under the windows, on the asphalt write something nice.Neither girl will not remain indifferent if prepared a candlelight dinner for her.At dinner, give her a nice gift.Or you can try to ask a girl to the movies, concerts, horseback riding ... The main thing to smile more often people stay in a good mood, try as little as possible to pay attention to the problem, lead a healthy lifestyle and live a full life.Then, everything will develop well and all quarrels and failures will get round!