How to fight back the offender without unnecessary emotions ?

How to fight back the offender without unnecessary emotions ?
You will need:
  • Overconfidence
  • Patience
# 1

Many people suffer from insecurity and its stiffness.The fact that uncertainty is manifested in the case where a person has too many complexes that are likely it against itself and cultivated.Some are not satisfied with the site looks, others think they are not smart enough, and some of the complex and on the mind and on the exterior.Such people are easily noticeable.They almost all are afraid and do not know how to fight back the offender.Most of these people can not get in life and most of the day feel very uncomfortable.Such discomfort it brings its own vulnerabilities, from which they can not overcome on their own.A foreign and therefore hurt their feeling of impunity.If both should reflect on this issue, we can figure out that there is not even one, but several ways to stand up for themselves.

# 2

Some are wondering - how to repel the assailant words?And, indeed, fight violence and the problem does not solve it.Since she was born somew

here deep inside the man who hurt.And that it should primarily reflect on their behavior, how to carefully analyze it and understand what he is doing wrong.No less efficiently in this situation will be forgiven person who offended or provoked negative feelings to yourself.How to forgive the offender, if there is no strength and desire to do this?

# 3

It really is not easy, and sometimes it takes a lot of time.Extenuating circumstances would be that if a person unintentionally offended or if he admitted his guilt and asked for forgiveness.In this case, certainly not worth harboring anger on him, but also to disrupt their hatred on him, too, not worth it.Since hushed scandal could break out with renewed vigor.Better to just try and let go of the situation or go to church.It is equally difficult dilemma is - how to punish the offender prayer.

# 4

Of course, every person takes his own decision to forgive or not to forgive her abuser.But most believers even try to find an answer from God.These people truly believe that God will help them and that they themselves can not do anything in this situation.Therefore, a believer goes to church and asked the priest's blessing.For particularly sentimental people it becomes the main and the main purpose of life - how to punish the offender.

# 5

Conspiracy, which was written specifically for the abuser himself realized that he was wrong and after a while he repented.However, it is always worth remembering that different treatment to otherworldly forces is not no good end.So, sooner or later, the man who had once offended, will have to answer for their actions.For this reason it is not recommended to resort to various conspiracies, as it is dangerous.